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 Health &  Fitness

Health &  Fitness

Get strong in theory in practice together as a teacher

You know how to get strong… But do you honestly know how exercise works and how your physical and mental health are related? If you want to learn it in the coolest surroundings in the world, Ollerup has just the right course for you.
Health and fitness
Sundhed og fitness
About the line

Strength - both physical and theoretical

Before we get started: Yes, our last name is “Gymnastikhøjskole”. But don’t be nervous. At Health & Fitness, we focus on weights and exercise, and not on trampolines. Instead, you learn how to use exercise equipment, your head and your body so you stay healthy, get ready for health or sports-related studies and can throw yourself directly into a life as a certified personal trainer.

Whether you are already an incarnated training hero, or the opposite with a desire to make a change makes no difference. Here you don’t get a brief explanation about circulation, metabolism and protein powder, and we won’t tell you that you are six months from looking like a marble-carved film hero. In return, we teach you how to achieve your goals – whether aesthetics, strength, technique or health are most important. The reality about training is that it requires both effort and knowledge … But apart from that it’s actually a lot of fun. You get both at Ollerup.

Balance between theory and practice

Our goal with the course is to make you better, stronger and smarter – both inside and outside the gym. You will receive serious and professionally based teaching, practical skills, strong technique and will be able to handle both your and others’ training. You may want to become faster, bigger, stronger, slimmer or healthier, and you may want to be able to pass this knowledge on to others. We will help you with that.

In Health & Fitness you get knowledge, experience and high-quality teaching. We go in depth with your training and we pull the theory out of the classroom and into our unique training facilities. That way, you get the theoretical and practical foundation that enables you to help others achieve their training goals, just as you achieve your own. You develop abilities to motivate and coach, get a thorough grasp of the exercise-related anatomy, become sharp in navigating diet and nutrition and become acquainted with a wide range of different forms of exercise.

Train yourself in training others

During the course, you will get – in addition to perhaps the world’s best high school stay – the opportunity to be trained as a certified personal trainer. With a voluntary, final exam, you will receive the recognized Level 4 EREPS certification and a EuropeActive certificate – both recognized industry certificates from multinational umbrella organizations.

With a strong, professional ballast from skilled teachers and hands-on experience in training both yourself, your fellow students and others, you get a broad and thorough preparation for a lot of health-related fields of study. If your dreams draw you to university as a sports teacher, medical student, physiotherapist or chiropractor, Ollerup’s Health & Fitness course is a good start. During your course, we visit personal trainers and other boarding schools and are visited by external instructors with backgrounds such as Olympic weightlifters, lecturers or who have expertise in other niches of the training world.

Sundhed og fitness på Ollerup
Fitness elev
Fitness elev


Who goes

Get a strong background

If you dream of becoming a personal trainer, want to take control of your own health or would like to start and keep some of the habits that make life both longer and better, then you have found the right place. It makes no difference whether you are a beginner or have an 8-pack when you start at Health & Fitness. You are part of a community from the start, where everyone has an interest in making each other better, and where facilities, teammates and teachers make your development natural and exciting.

Health and Fitness is the course for you who think it’s nice to be in shape, want to increase your knowledge about your physique and ready to take control of your own body. You have felt the mental and physical surplus you get when you treat your body properly. And you know that no matter what the future holds, you will be in the company of your body for the rest of your life. That’s why you also know very well that it’s a good idea to take care of it.

Your return

Give yourself and others the joy of exercising

At Health & Fitness you will, among other things. touch upon topics such as:

  • Different forms of training – Strength, circuit, TRX, Calisthenics, weightlifting, etc.
  • Extended understanding of exercise-related anatomy, physiology and nutrition
  • The role as a coach – Motivation, coaching, psychology, ethics and morals
  • Health and lifestyle changes
  • Training planning, physical screening and test protocols
  • Project and business development

And you will come into close contact with some of the country’s best facilities in the company of people who, like you, want to become wiser, stronger and better. The teaching alternates between theoretical and practical teaching, so you get the most out of your teachers’ long experience. No matter what angle on physical and mental health and fitness you come from, we guarantee that you’ll leave Ollerup both stronger and wiser. At the same time, we also almost guarantee that you’ll love high school life as much as we do.

If you are still not convinced, would like to see our facilities or want to talk to a teacher, you’re very welcome to contact us and/or visit us .

We look forward to seeing you

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