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It looks so easy. When the music does all the work for you, you are in perfect flow and your choreography is going exactly as it should. And it is actually easy. It is the well-deserved result of all the hours in the gym – back when it wasn’t easy at all.
Rhythm and dance
Rytme og dans
About the line

5, 6, 7, 8...

As a student at Ollerup’s rhythm course, you will be part of a large, unified community with rhythmic gymnastics at the center. You learn to see movement in new perspectives and have time to get gritty with the details. Rhythmic gymnastics is one of Ollerup’s most beloved passions, and for a whole century we have worked to guarantee teaching of the absolute highest grade. Our professional trainers find your development zone, and through repetition, feedback, sweat and laughter, we raise your physical and theoretical level – no matter where you start.

And finding the development zone is important. That’s “the sweet spot” – where it’s difficult without being impossible. Where you get the maximum benefit. In addition to a lot of really great gymnastics, you also get a strong theoretical background that strengthens you as a practicing gymnast and as a coach or teacher. We see movement from a larger perspective, explore different themes in movement and help you find exactly the focus that electrifies your motivation.

From theory to competence

By finding your personal direction among six differently themed courses, you will become wiser about your own body, about movement in theory and about what rhythmic gymnastics can come to mean for you. You get the opportunity to try out and choose between the theme courses “The Functional Body“,”The Technical Body“,”The Expressive Body“,”The Musical Body“,”The Learning / Teaching Body“, and “The Exploring Body”. This means that you get a thorough, technical and practical introduction to how you can use your body and your movements to put together harmonies and expressions. If that sounds nerdy, you’re absolutely right. It’s super nerdy and totally amazing.

The pure Rhythm course only takes place in the spring semester. As a student in the autumn semester, however, you get a unique opportunity to develop your motor and technical skills in the course Rhythm & Dance. Here you get both the specialized rhythmic gymnastics training and an introduction to what dance and rhythmic gymnastics have in common – and what separates them. The autumn semester thereby gives you both broader competencies and a better basis for choosing the right elective in the spring semester, where the two courses run again.

Rytme på Ollerup


Who goes

Find the rhythm and gain width and depth in your movements.

Every year, Ollerup receives rhythmic gymnasts with elite ambitions. We have spent a long time honing our students’ skills, and that is exactly why we know precisely how to lift that assignment. At the same time, we welcome just as many far less experienced gymnasts, because gymnastics and rhythm are absolutely not reserved for the elite. And because we know how wild a transformation one can achieve in a year.

Precisely because Ollerup has such long experience in rhythmic gymnastics, every year we also receive a number of international students who want a semester or a year where they dive deep into movement theory, dance and rhythm. As with all our Danish students, they get exactly what they are looking for – and much, much more. Your proficiency in rhythmic gymnastics will shift markedly. And in the intense, great, social, sweaty daily life of high school life, your perceptions will move as well.

Your return

What do you get on the Rhythm course?

In Ollerup’s rhythmic gymnastics course you get:

  • Lessons in rhythmic gymnastics from some of the best teachers in the world
  • Broad and deep motorical, theoretical and practical competencies in rhythmic gymnastics
  • The opportunity to extend your stay with a management education in sports and gymnastics
  • A social environment that is as passionate about gymnastics as you are

Most important of all – you get Ollerup A network of extraordinary, unusually gymnastics-interested, exciting people that you will have gotten to know throughout your stay. We are the world’s oldest gymnastics college, and we have become so by creating experiences you remember and by helping both you and our other students find a place in our community.

It may sound a bit high-brow – but it really isn’t. It consists of workouts, ski trips, giggle fits, blisters, community singing, frustrations, joys, sweaty workout clothes and everything else that’s part of life at a folk high school. Ollerup is 100 years of history, 150 pairs of H2O flip flops in the dining room and 200 water bottles by the arena wall. Ollerup is gymnastics, and if you are really into rhythmic gymnastics, Ollerup is definitely something for you too.

We look forward to seeing you.

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