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We are together hilarious your personal cheerleaders 150 pairs of flip flops in the dining room ... a community the first of our kind just like you Ollerup

Ollerup was created for playing sports, moving and for shared experiences. Therefore, in addition to our iconic tumbling center and Northern Europe’s oldest indoor swimming pool, we also have state-of-the-art facilities for most forms of physical training, socializing and development. You can find most of them here.


A budding sports center

Over the last century, we have built, changed, added, removed and modernized, so that Ollerup today covers over 34,000 built-up square meters. And that’s not including our huge outdoor areas.

Facilities include state-of-the-art tumbling center, fitness rooms, swimming pool, ball courts, rhythmic gymnastics facilities, a newly modernized Arena, a parkour hall, beach volleyball courts, meeting and teaching rooms, conference center, yoga rooms, comfortable rooms and even our Japanese garden.

A list of bullet points like this does not, at all, do our amazing facilities justice, so we hope you’ll watch a video review of the college’s facilities below – and if you think it looked cool when we recorded it, feel free to visit us and see what we’ve done in the meantime.

The Tumbling Center offers the following:

  • 4 ground-level large trampolines with connected bungy cords.
  • 2 x Eurogym TeamGym fiber lanes.
  • 2 x Large trampoline for jumping pit.
  • 2 x Raising / lowering a trench with the option of either a trampoline,
  • pegasus or fiber web.
  • Fasttrack for trench.
  • Wedge to trench.
  • Lounge systems for both large trampolines and raising / lowering jumping trenches.
  • Bungy for raising / lowering pit or fast track.
  • 2 x Flikflak bungy.
  • 2 x Spring board.
  • 5 x mini trampolines (mini, junior and senior).
  • 2 x Pegasus.
  • Stereo.

The indoor swimming pool offers the following:

  • 25 M bassin
  • 3 lanes
  • Stereo
  • 1 M rocker
  • Aids for swimming (plates, pull buoy, etc.)

The Movement Hall offers the following:

  • Stereo
  • Mirrors
  • An architecturally beautiful hall with a lot of light and a view of the treetops

For the hall you can also rent:

  • Video with delay
  • Standard hand tools (barrel bands, balls, pennants, clubs)

The fitness center offers:

  • Large area for strength training with free weights and machines, as well as a special area for functional training and weightlifting.
  • Circuit training area with treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines.
  • Indoor biking room with 20 bicycles.
  • Outdoor area for functional / primitive training.
  • Yoga room with mat and blocks.

In 1932, Northern Europe’s largest sports hall without columns was ready for Ollerup’s students. Our old, beloved ID Hall began as an impressive edifice, and over the last century has hosted hundreds of shows, concerts, community events and, of course, an incredible amount of rehearsals. Therefore, it is also fitting that we take good care of it.

In 2018, the next chapter began, which resulted in Ollerup today being able to invite into Ollerup Arena. With due respect for the impressive, old building, we have renovated everything from basement to attic, and can thus today roll out seating for 3,000 people, invite for conferences and events and, with the hall facing a huge, outdoor sports area, facilitate even very large events. The architecture and expression are still as they were when the hall was built, while the interior has been replaced in favor of bright, fully similar facilities, with raising / lowering-jumping trenches, views and – of course – music.

We set out to renovate our ID hall so that it was ready for another century, and we think we’ve succeeded. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you what the next century of gymnastics and sports facilities looks like.

The OD hall is a typical hall with a floor area of 20×40 meters without spectator space.

The NPD hall offers the following:

  • Mirror wall
  • New music system with connection for MP3 player or computer
  • Ribber
  • Plinth
  • Buk
  • Descent mat
  • Air track had to

We also offer:

Outdoor swimming pool

  • The outdoor pool has five 25 m swimming pools.
  • Lashes of 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m and 10m which provide ample opportunity to have its boundaries moved.

Volden / Boldbane

  • Behind the sports hall is Violence. With its large capacity, it is used for football competitions, shows and much more. The actual grass area is approx. 60×120 m. If the spectator side is filled, there is room for approx. 10,000 seated persons.


  • Højskolen’s stadium is located on the opposite side of Svendborgvej. Here is a complete athletics track with running track.

Gl. Gym hall

  • Højskolens Gamle Gymnastiksal. Here, a lot of gymnastics has really been done over time, and the Nordic flags, the old ribs and Niels Bukh’s balcony give a strong, nostalgic feeling. The room has often been used by “Bisserne” for their well-known strength training.

Beach volleyball

  • The college’s two beach volleyball courts are available from March to October.

Lecture hall

  • The school’s lecture hall contains a projector and a complete sound system. The room can accommodate 240 people.

Theory rooms

  • The folk high school has a total of 10 theory rooms located around the entire school. There is a projector and associated sound system in all rooms.

dining room

  • The school’s dining room seats 250 people.

The Old Living Rooms

  • The Old Living Rooms have been maintained in the original style, from back when Niels Bukh used the premises as housing.

Living room

  • The school’s living room where there are guitars, pianos and lots of games – for setting the right mood.

Rooms, northwest

  • There are 42 rooms on the Northwest wing.

Rooms, west

  • There are 26 rooms on the West Wing with their own shower and toilet.

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