Board of Directors

The board is the supreme authority of a folk high school. Although you may not see its members in Ollerup’s corridors and halls so often, it is the board that makes the big decisions. They assess both construction projects, employment, subject committees, economics and the college’s philosophy.

The board decides the direction.

About Ollerup
About Ollerup

The board at Ollerup

The board of the Gymnastikhøjskolen consists of 7 elected board members:

  • 4 board members are elected by the School District.
  • 2 board members are elected from among the student association’s members at the student association’s general meeting.
  • The 3rd board member from the Student Association is appointed by and from among the Student Association’s board members.
  • According to the articles of association, the chairman of the school district is chairman of the board of the Gymnastikhøjskolen.

The board of the gymnastics college, head of accounting, pedagogical leader, an employee representative from the teachers’ council and an employee representative from the school’s other departments also participate in board meetings.

The board of the Gymnastics College is per. October 3, 2020:

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  • Birgit Sørup Heinsen
    Birgit Sørup Heinsen
  • Kasper
    Kasper Ingmann Bille Fynbo
  • Kristian
    Kristian Albertsen
  • Krisitan Traberg Larsen
    Kristian Traberg Larsen
  • Lars Kristensen
    Lars Kristensen
  • Mette
    Mette Thiem Klitsø
    Elected by school district
  • Poul Henning Jørgensen
    Poul Henning Jørgensen
  • Rudi Lauridsen
    Rudi Lauridsen