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Dancing is alive elegant personal amazingly cool life

Do you become calm, when you disappear into the music? Music and movement are a part of us all, both when the bass beats and when the beats slide away. At Ollerup you will train your range of movement, choreography, coordination, strength and technique, and become someone who ‘makes it look easy’.
About the line

The Dance course at Ollerup

You know the feeling when your body decides to turn sound into movement. When you reach a state of flow where your body moves itself and where you are a passenger in the harmony between movement and music. It may sound a bit high-flying, but it’s precisely the sense of harmony and flow that makes dance so insanely cool. We’ll be reaching that exact state when you join the Dance course at Ollerup.

It takes technique and strength to become a skilled and versatile dancer, and it takes ambition and hard work to get there. It’s not just about choreography and steps. It’s about using your body as a tool that can shape and adapt. On the Dance course, we need to explore expressions, show personality and evolve. We’ll be working with aesthetics and experience rhythms that make your body vibrate and make you work with steely focus. We must work to gain full ownership of our body and creativity; Finding connections, putting movements together, making new expressions and creating dance.

The world is our mirror hall

We’re going to sweat, of course, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to develop our consciousness of our bodies. That is the difference between teaching and training. We work and train in our halls and halls at Ollerup, but we also take our dancing out into the world to seek inspiration and reflection. We’ll be experiencing the theater, discussing and immersing ourselves, experiencing performances and we’ll make our thoughts and movements go down entirely new paths. We’ll learn to translate stories and emotions into movements and images. And we’re going to enjoy our experience whilst dancing and choreographing. We’re going to nerd out – and become more skilled.

“Dancing as a form of training is not the same as dancing as part of a gymnastics show or on the stage. Here we dance for the stage. With smoke, contemplation, wonder and impressions that stick.”

Dancing is about creating an experience for ourselves, but also about being able to convey something to our audience through our body and movements. It requires a strong and intelligent body, and that is exactly what you get when you join the dance course at Ollerup. You will strengthen your bodily awareness and learn how to convey information and messages with your body – so that your recipient understands the message, the feeling or the story you want to convey. It’s technical, yes… But it’s exciting, fun and enriching to work with dance and its language.

Dans på Ollerup
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Dans elev


Who goes

Dance in the spring

The dance course is for you who love to dance and would like to raise your bar by at least 3 notches. It’s for you who want to find out what you can do with your body. You who want to become more skilled at moving. And you who want to become rhythmically and technically proficient while enjoying the world’s best high school life at the world’s oldest gymnastics college.

“The dance course is for you who want to learn to Dance. For you who want chills down your spine, who want to express yourself personally and physically, and for you who want the foundation that can lead to a professional or semi-professional life of dance. “

In our Dance course, there is a difference between the spring and autumn semesters. In the autumn, we have joined forces with rhythmic gymnastics in the line Rhythm & Dance. This means that our autumn students get the opportunity to be inspired and learn from both worlds. On that basis, our students will have a better opportunity to choose the right course in the spring. You may not have realized it – but the two have as many common features as they have differences. In addition, we can only guarantee our students their internships in the autumn, and we can therefore send out students who are well equipped as dance teachers both rhythm and dance.

Your return

What do you get on Ollerup's Dance course?

On the Dance course, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of dance genres and techniques. You get time to go in depth with details, create new realisations and receive qualified, motivating teaching in fantastic surroundings. In short, you get:

  • Teaching from experienced, professional dancers
  • Ollerup’s absolutely fantastic facilities
  • Experience in teaching at a technically high level
  • A broader and deeper understanding of the many elements of dance
  • A rhythmic, technically skilled and physically strong body
  • High quality and development in every single training session

… And then of course you get everything that our incomparably fantastic high school life provides. You may know Ollerup, and by now you probably know that we are the world’s oldest sports college. You may even know by now that we are actually none too shabby dancers and gymnasts. When you start at our old, new school, you will also find that we have perhaps the best everyday life in the world.

If you’re still not convinced, just trust us – you’ll never regret it. If that is not enough, you are of course welcome to contact us or visit so you can experience for yourself what we mean.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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