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Folk High school is expensive cheap an investment a good idea

A folk high school stay is an investment in yourself and in your future, and a choice you will never regret. Here you can get an accurate overview of expenses, grants and support options for your stay at Ollerup.


What does a stay at Ollerup cost?

The total cost of a high school stay varies according to the number of weeks, ie. which semester you choose, study trips and own expenses for individual electives. You can find an overall overview of the fixed expenses below, and also get an overview of the many subsidy options you can apply for for your stay.

Registration fee DKK 2,000

  • The registration is only binding when the registration fee has been received by the school.
  • You must be 17 years of age or older before school starts.

School payment

Tuition fees are paid in instalments. Before the course starts, you will receive notification of the final school payment. Tuition fees are index-linked on an ongoing basis.

Creative electives

If you choose a creative elective, there may be a small deductible, depending on which subject you choose.

Study trips

The school holds compulsory study trips. An expense of approx. DKK 4,985 in the spring semester, where the trip normally goes to Norway on a ski trip. In the autumn, it is different where the study trip goes. As a starting point, the expense is also DKK 4,985.


See our terms and conditions .

Interruption of school stay

Interruption of the school stay will result in the following settlement of school fees:

  • Full school payment is paid from the beginning of the school stay for all full weeks until the day of departure as well as 75% of the school payment for the following 6 full weeks.
  • In the event of interruption of school stays for any reason after the school has purchased tickets for a study trip or convention, the costs will not be reimbursed.

It is recommended that all students take out cancellation insurance.

Gymnastikhøjskolen reserves the right to make changes to the terms for interrupting student stays, and the applicable terms for the individual student will be to calculate the time for due date of the 1st school term.

Prices (Indicative as of January 1, 2023)
Autumn semester
Registrationfee DKK 2,000
Stay incl. line activities 19 weeks: 19 x DKK 1,795DKK 34,105
Study trip (Obligatory – Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague)
Study trip (Voluntary)
Ski trip: DKK 5.990
Surf trip: DKK 6.990
Cirque: DKK 1.000
DKK 4,985
DKK 1.000 – 6.990


kr.42.090 – 48.080

The payment for the stay includes an amount of DKK 200 to the Gymnastikhøjskolen and the school’s foundation, which ensures the same low prices over a long period.

In connection with participation in “Landsstævne”, a national sports convention (and fantastic experience), an extra payment will be added. In 2022 this was of DKK 2,600 and the next landsstævne takes place in the summer of 2025. This is only available to students in the spring semester.

Spring semester
Registrationfee DKK 2,000

Stay incl. line activities 24 weeks:

24 x DKK 1,795

Study tour  Ski Trysil 4,985



At present we offer the following discount scheme:

Year-round discount

If you sign up for an entire year (autumn and spring holidays or spring and autumn holidays), you will have your weekly price reduced from DKK 1,795 to DKK 1,665. It gives a total discount corresponding to the payment for approx. four weeks of your high school stay!

Price example: E23 + F24 (43 weeks)
Registration fee Kr. 2,000
Weekly priceKr. 1,795Kr. 1,665 (most common)
Total priceKr. 88,935Kr. 83,345
Total savings Kr. 5,590

The discount is deducted from the last installment of your student payment and cannot be combined with other offers or scholarships.

Please note that the discount is only given if you sign up for two semesters when you register – and therefore not if you decide to extend your stay after start-up.

Ollerup can offer a special package for you who are an active member of an association and want to make a difference in the life of the association. Your association provides grants for your stay, just as you have the opportunity to apply for support from foundations that are affiliated with Ollerup. The registration can only be done in collaboration with your association. Read more here .

Support from municipalities

Some municipalities provide support for folk high school stays. The amount varies from municipality to municipality. Contact your municipality to find out about the possibility of support.

Unemployment benefits

Contact your unemployment fund to find out about the applicable rules.

Contact your municipality to find out about current rules.

Support from organisations/associations

Your local sports organisations and associations may very well offer education subsidies or grants to its members. At Ollerup – in the fall semester – you can apply for several different sports certifications, most notably:

IYLE: The International Youth Leader Education,

SMT 1 & 2: Tumbling and spotting safety education

OllerupHubster: An entrepreneurial education based on and focused around sports organisation and sporting events.

Contact your local gymnastics or sports association for their policies around grants and support for educational courses.



If you receive unemployment benefits, you can receive an education allowance for a folk high school stay. If you are under 25 years of age, the stay must be part of an education or action plan. The allowance corresponds to half of the unemployment benefit rate. If you are over 25 years of age, it must be part of an action plan, and here the amount corresponds to the maximum unemployment benefit rate.
Talk to your employment office. AF administers the education allowance, which is paid out via the unemployment insurance fund.

If you receive cash benefits because you are unemployed, you can apply to go to folk high school as part of an action plan / activation plan. During the stay, the assistance is provided in accordance with the Act on Active Social Policy.
You can contact your caseworker in the social administration or the employment secretariat in your municipality.
You must be available for the labor market while you are at a folk high school, and the help must be granted before you enroll in a folk high school.

According to the Act on Active Social Policy, support can be provided for folk high school stays as part of a rehabilitation, retraining or an established business plan.
Assistance can be provided for necessary training expenses: school fees, travel home, books and materials, etc. Talk to your caseworker about your possible options.

The state provides special subsidies per. week for young people who do not have a secondary education. This is done through a so-called mentoring scheme, which you can read more about here .

Pause in the study?
– Take the shortcut to motivation

If you are a university student on leave, you have the opportunity to go to the Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup at a reduced price: Kr. 1,295 pr. week. The normal price is Kr. 1,795 pr. week.

Why take a pit stop?
Are you tired of studying or in doubt whether you have chosen the right study?

Has the exam and grade pressure become too great?

A pit stop at Ollerup gives you “peace of mind” and helps you clarify your future. We move you both physically and mentally – without exams and grades. We focus on community and give you time and space to be you.

You are not the only one!
Many students reach a point where the motivation for the study is small or completely gone. Instead of “dropping out”, you can take a high school stay on the pitstop scheme. The pit stop is not a resort, but a shortcut to being clarified and regaining motivation.

Write to Tina …
at or tel. 63 24 64 05

Tell briefly:

  1. who you are
  2. what education you are pursuing
  3. why you need a pit stop at Ollerup

You can only get a stay at a pit stop price if you have interrupted your education immediately before your high school stay.

When you receive an answer, you sign up in the normal way. Just remember to write “pitstop” under comments.

Ollerup offers
Read about the lines we offer.

There are scholarships that support high school residencies. Read more about the grants at .

Note that you must register as a free or paid user on the site to see how to apply for the individual scholarships.

Kamma and Lars Pedersen’s Memorial Fund
Support for stays on bla. High School
Click here.

Ester and Laust Kristian Torp’s Legacy
Provides support for bla. education / further education of gymnastics instructors and high school stays
Click here.

Jens Chr. Christensen Stage and Marie Sørensen Stage’s Foundation
Supports orphans and children of single parents to stay on bla. High School
Click here.

Date Seri B. Bek-Nielsen’s Non-Profit Fund
Provides support to practitioners of a variety of sports and leisure activities, especially gymnastics. Note that it is a condition that you grew up in Holstebro Municipality, Møborg or Flynder Parish or have been employed at Holstebro Hospital or in Holstebro, Møborg or Flynder Church.
Click here.

The Sønderjydske Fonds Legat for school aid to Danes south of the border
Support for young people from the Danish minority in South Schleswig for education in Denmark, among others. high school residency.
Click here.

If you come from Sønderjylland, you can apply for support from Sønderjydsk Skoleforening.

It is a condition for receiving support that you do not receive unemployment benefits during the stay and that you are a member of the association. Students over the age of 20 must be independent members.

Read more about Sønderjydsk Skoleforening . Contact:
Sønderjydsk Skoleforening, v / Inger Rahbek Andersen
Roostvej 3, Roost
6535 Branderup
tel: 74 83 40 81.

Students residing in South Schleswig can apply for support from:
Danish School Association for South Schleswig
Stuhrsallee 22
PO Box 1461
D-24904 Flensburg.

Are you a member of Landboungdom?
The Fund for Agricultural Youth High School stays provides support to rural youth who want to go to high school. You must apply for support for the stay before the course starts, and you can only receive support for courses that last at least 12 weeks.

The application deadline is every year in May.

Searched through:
Folkehøjskolernes Forening i Danmark (FFD)
Nytorv 7
1450 København K.
Tel: 33 36 40 36

If you are a foreign high school student, read here

Norwegian folk high school students can apply for scholarships and loans for state-recognized folk high school courses lasting at least 3 months.

Inquiries to: The Government Educational Loan Fund,
Østre Aker Vei 20,
Box 195,
N-0510 Oslo

Information for the Norwegian loan fund:

Weekly price spring 2022 = DKK 1,795
– of which payment for tuition (tuition fees) = DKK 1,239 (69%)

Icelandic folk high school students can apply for support (amounts from DKK 1,000 to 3,000) from:
Foreningen Norden,
Malmøgade 3,
2100 Kbh. ISLAND,
tel. 35 42 63 25,
fax 35 42 80 88

Swedish folk high school students can apply for support through:
Central Student Aid Board,
Visiting address: Norra Tjärngatan 2
Postal address: S-851 82 Sundsvall
Tel: +46 60 18 60 00
Fax: +46 60 18 61 93

Faroese folk high school students can apply for a travel scholarship if the folk high school stay is at least one academic year:
Hoyviksvegur 72,
Postroom 3279,
FO-110 Tórshavn,
tel. +298 356800.

Greenlandic students must contact the local leisure inspector

Folk high school students residing in South Schleswig can apply for support from:
Danish School Association for South Schleswig,
Stuhrsallee 22, PO Box 14 61
PO Box 1461,
D-24904 Flensburg
tel. +49 461 50470

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