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 Tumbling  X

Tumbling  X

We are crazy a team on it gymnastics Ollerup

We are Ollerup – and Ollerup is gymnastics. For over 100 years, tumbling and rhythm have not only been something we do. It is what we are. Do you want to take your gymnastics seriously? Then you’ve come to the perfect place.
Tumbling X
Tumbling X
About the line

The kind of gymnastics you dream of

At Tumbling X you get exactly what we at Ollerup are best at. We are pretty into gymnastics – and Tumbling X is our gymnastics course, laser focused on making you skilled, and on having a great time in the process. For 100 years we have given gymnastics, tumbling and sports our very best, and we still do today. This means that in addition to our fantastic daily life and facilities, you get exactly the training you dream of.

Track, trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics

At Tumbling X, we focus on creating versatile, strong, skilled gymnasts. Speed, technique and strength are vital components in all the basic disciplines of gymnastics, and when we find exactly your level and your development zone, you get the maximum benefit from the training. That means sweaty backs and sore muscles. But it also means momentum and development between every single session.

While you develop as a gymnast, you get the opportunity to combine your experience and learning into a leadership education in gymnastics. Here we combine learning, development and new perspectives, so that you not only expand your own skills as a gymnast, but also learn how to use your professional and sporting ballast to teach others. It gives you an obvious opportunity to turn your gymnastics competencies into a professional work tool in the future.

Elite gymnastics for everyone

If you want to be better – whether your ambitions are to get on the Elite Team, Cirque du Soleil or just start from scratch – Tumbling X is the way forward for you. Based on the classic basic gymnastics, we elevate and develop you so that you can participate at exactly the level you aspire to. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a born gymnast. That kind of thing doesn’t exist. We know quite a few of the most talented gymnasts – and they have all reached their level by spending a tremendous amount of hours in the tumbling center.

Repetition is, as you may have heard, the mother of wisdom, but with the right instruction and feedback, your development can be markedly faster. We help you put together the small details so that you reach new heights, safe technique and elegance in even the difficult tumbling passes – regardless of your level and regardless of your ambitions.

Tumbling X på Ollerup
Tumbling X elev
Tumbling X elev


Who goes

Gymnasts from all over the world

Tumbling X is Ollerup’s broad gymnastics course, and therefore also among our most popular courses. We’ve spent a long time creating the best possible conditions for practicing, developing and teaching gymnastics, and therefore we also meet an enormous number of gymnasts who come to South Funen to develop in their sport. This course is for them – and for you. Both if you are aiming for the Olympics – and if that goal is still far away.

Gymnastics is not just an elite sport – it was created for everyone. And that’s why we also enjoy teaching you, who might want to learn gymnastics from a slightly more modest level, but still want to challenge and develop yourself. At Ollerup, we are also fortunate to enjoy a good international reputation and therefore often have students from our Nordic neighbors and more distant corners of the world. You will meet gymnasts of all levels and of many nationalities when you walk into our tumbling center at Ollerup.

Your return

What to expect in Tumbling X?

As a student in Tumbling X, you get:

  • Individual goals and targeted training
  • High quality and development in every single training session
  • Gymnastics challenges – both physical and technical
  • An AWESOME training culture where we celebrate each other’s successes
  • The entirety of our fantastic high school life with everything that entails

You know gymnastics. You know your level and where you want to go. If you really mean it, Tumbling X is the answer you’re looking for. Ollerup is the world’s oldest sports college, and we have room for you and your development. In our completely unique tumbling center, our old, new community and in our daily lives at our school. You get all the social parts, all the events, the teachers and all of high school life in an intense and fantastic package that we are absolutely sure you will love. We know we do.

We are Ollerup – and we look forward to seeing you.

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