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 Christina Paulsen

Christina Paulsen

“I get happier when the students guess that I am from Jutland than from Zealand. At least I feel more like a Fynbo than a Zealander ”

Christina is from Stevns on Zealand. Until she was 15, handball filled most of her time, but it sadly ended when the cruciate ligament said off. In 2012, Christina had entered military service in Fredericia, and when a friend asked, she moved to Odense to reduce the distance to her work – and fell head over heels for the city. Since then, Christina has stayed in Odense, where she completed a master’s degree in sports and health, and where she now lives with her husband and daughter. Today she uses her professional knowledge and her background in the defense on the Police Line at Ollerup.

“Before I started at Ollerup, I only had 1 thing to do with gymnastics: I have been a gymnastics coach for a team with developmental disabilities. It was pretty cool. They were just as crazy about Rasmus Seebach as I was – and just as bad at keeping pace. ”

Christina quickly discovered that high school life suits her really well. With her technical, theoretical and practical background from Sports and Health, she is academically sharp, but especially as a teacher in the police line, her most important competence is to be sincerely interested in the students. Dressing young people for a career with law enforcement requires that they know where they are going mentally – and Christina can help with that. She is enormously good at being human – with everything that goes with it. In addition, Christina is married to a police officer, so she is always up to date on what is moving in the world she is dressing the high school students for.

And just being up to date is important for Christina. To be able to give contemporary, truthful teaching, to be sure that her teaching always contains the latest new, and then it is extremely important to create the right kind of reflection in the students. It is not so easy to set oneself up for a job where both the use of force, mental resilience and communication are on the schedule, and therefore one must create an environment where students dare to challenge each other – and especially themselves. It takes courage to put one’s beliefs under pressure, to push one’s limits and to participate with confidence, openness and honesty. That courage helps Christina find.

“It sounds a bit worn, but I honestly think I also get better from my colleagues. They are good at “playing each other well”, and all the conversations you have create a lot of development. There are probably many really talented people. People know all sorts of different things that are just wildly cool. ”

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