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Are you ready to get better than you were yesterday? for skilled teachers? to challenge yourself? to celebrate success? for something awesome?

The only one who can make you a skilled gymnast is yourself – and in TeamGym we teach you how. You’ll get to know your weaknesses and strengths, and you’ll learn how to keep your training level right where the benefits and developments are greatest.
About the line

In competition with yourself

If you’re not familiar with both your strengths and weaknesses, it’s going to be really hard to get big points on the board. That’s why we help you develop your talents while correcting any deficiencies. No matter how big or small they are. It’s not about being skilled. It’s about becoming skilled.

Team gym at Ollerup

An old joke says that the more you practice, the luckier you get. In other words: There is a clear connection between the hours you spend tumbling and the development you experience. Still, you can easily be frustrated at the end of the season at how relatively little progress you have made. This is exactly what we help you avoid when you start the TeamGym course at Ollerup.

You are, of course, excused for thinking that competitive gymnastics is all about winning medals. This is about creating exactly the conditions it takes to win medals. And that’s not the same thing. It means that it’s not about your level when you arrive, but about the development we can create along the way. Some of our students have never touched an air track before, and others have experience from international competitions. When the level ranges so wide, it’s because it’s about adjusting your curve, so that you’re competing with yourself from yesterday. And that is – by far – the coolest competition to win!

Immersion – both spring and autumn

In the autumn semester, we take a deep dive into your personal development and raise your level in all of Teamgym’s elements. We end the semester with our own (voluntary) mini-event “Ollerup Open”. Both your tumbling technique, your strength, how you train and many, many other focus points are key topics that we thoroughly review during the autumn, where you will also focus on team training in the spring semester. If you want to participate in the official Danish Nationals, you will primarily train rhythmic gymnastics in the spring, so you will be as competition ready as possible.

The two semesters are natural extensions of each other. During both semesters, we offer coaching and leadership training / LUP (Learning, Development and Perspective). Here we link theory and practice in relation to your personal development as a gymnast and/or as a trainer. Among others you get a DIF Trainer 1 education and the opportunity to get the education “Springsikker” – meaning Safe Tumbling And if you attend both semesters, you get the opportunity to specialize your education further.

TeamGym på Ollerup
TeamGym elev
TeamGym elev


Who goes

Development regardless of level

At Teamgym, there is room for everyone who dares to try to get better at gymnastics. We don’t care about your level when you arrive – because you’ll be at a completely different level when you leave. If you are ready to give your gymnastics a boost, get to know yourself better and learn to train effectively, focused and in your development zone, you’ll fit perfectly in the TeamGym course. We already have students from all over the world who arrive with this exact goal – and who achieve it. You can too. Whatever prerequisites you have.

TeamGym is about creating the greatest possible development of you as a gymnast. Whereas several of our other subjects are based on the traditions of association gymnastics, TeamGym has a slightly more structured approach. Here the question is in part: ‘What puts points on the board?’ When we take on both the trampoline, pegasus, fiber track and the rhythm floor – including all the moments that give the series an extra kick. And to a greater extent: What does it take to make you as skilled as possible? Talking about competitive gymnastics might sound a bit square and regulated- but it’s not. It is about teaching you to utilize your unique talents in the best possible way.

Your return

What can you expect from TeamGym?

As a student of Teamgym in Ollerup, you get:

  • A sharply focused gymnastics education with your own advancement in focus
  • Improved abilities to further develop yourself as a gymnast – regardless of the facilities usually at your disposition
  • The instruction, feedback and spotting that will help you reach your tumbling goals
  • Develop a behavioral profile and get tools for team building
  • An insanely cool community where we celebrate successes together – both personally and as a team

And then of course you also get what is perhaps most important – an collective experience you will never forget. You get Ollerup’s folk high school life with the social life, the events, the historical, the festive, the giggle fits, blisters, reflections and a network that extends far, far beyond the walls of our old, young folk high school. You become part of something bigger. Like the national team. It may sound a little strange, but all of a sudden, when you’re standing in the arena, sitting in the dining room or coming back after weekend, you’ll know what that means. We are Ollerup – and you can be too.

Are you ready?

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