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Ollerup dance projects

Step onto the stage, stand tall in the light and show the world how Ollerup moves.

After Ollerup


Ollerup Dance Projects is a selected dance team, which every year gives a group of passionate and talented dancers the opportunity to develop physically and express themselves physically to audiences both at home and abroad. Danse Projects, like the Elite team, has the task of representing and presenting Ollerup to both potential students and to audiences interested in movement, wherever we move. We play with movements, learn new things and we give our dancers both the depth and breadth a life that a professional or semi-professional dancer requires. We work with genres, stories, expressions and music, and we create stories that involve, mystify and make people get up from their chairs.

As a dancer at Ollerup Dance Projects, you will experience both show floors and stages, and have the opportunity to share your passion and your abilities with like-minded people. We have to show what the dance can be and tell – and we have to do it together. When picked for Dance Projects, you will experience both teaching and training, in the sense that the teaching makes you theoretically, technically proficient, while the training makes you physically conscious and expressive. Through repetition, feedback, instruction and new compositions, we create something that we enjoy performing and that engages the audience.

Do you want to engage with your dance? Marvel, mystify, excite?

Participation in Dance Projects is free, and we guarantee great workouts, the delicious high school food you know and love, and of course that together we make a fantastic show. Your expenses as a participant in Dance Projects are only transport to the trainings and individual performances, and transport and participation fee to the Rep. Convention and national convention. Because yes – of course we’ll be going both places.

Ollerup Dance Projects is an open team, predominantly consisting of former students from Gymnastikhøjskolen. We do not have a fixed quota for this, but want the majority of the team to be affiliated with Ollerup.

Auditions are held every year in August / September. For Ollerup Dance Projects season 24/25  audition and rehearsal have yet to be announced.

If you want more information, you can keep up to date on Dance Projects’s performances, plans and preparations on Dance Projects’ Facebook page or via our news.

Remember to register for the audition!

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