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 Rhythm & Dance

Rhythm & Dance

Get it to look easy control of your technique the best teachers the experience of a lifetime the best of both worlds

Get the best of both worlds! Since 2019, the autumn semester’s courses in rhythmic gymnastics and dance have been combined. There are as many differences as there are similarities. You get it all.
Rhythm and dance
Rytme og dans
About the line

The best of both worlds

Ollerup has a long and proud tradition of rhythmic gymnastics, but has also grown to unreservedly embrace dancing. The two genres are good friends. Because they are both about movement, strength, coordination and agility. They combine technique and aesthetics, make you stronger and more at home in your body, and give you not only control over your movements, but also an awareness of the expression of your movements. In the autumn at Ollerup, you can get a taste of the best of both worlds before you choose to specialize in the spring – and there are many who benefit from it.

You will be trained, challenged and inspired by our truly talented teachers from both courses. Not only will this expand your horizons and your technique as a performer, but also as an instructor or choreographer. We explore differences and common features, and then we test them all in practice, so you become even more aware of the quality of the different movements – and which direction your training should go. We reflect, test and repeat, so you get stronger and can make an educated decision – no matter which road you choose to go down afterwards.

When width is depth

During the autumn, you will also have the opportunity to use your experiences during an internship at a boarding school, where you’ll take on the role of teacher and test all your new experiences and impressions on a group of young gymnasts and dancers. When the autumn semester ends, you’ll be significantly more confident as a performer, but you have also gained a new, broad teaching experience, which you can take with you either on the Dance or Rhythm line, or when you return home.

Whichever of the two worlds you come from, it’s a clear advantage to have tried your hand at both. You will find that a broader knowledge can be a deeper competence. Where the purpose, freedoms and limitations of rhythm gymnastics may be different from those of dance, its training background and techniques can strengthen your skills as a dancer. At the same time, the freedom of dance and the language of interpretation can elevate your career as a rhythmic gymnast and trainer. Both while you are here at Ollerup, and when you are done, you will realize that your physical, motorical toolbox has outgrown many others’. And, of course, you’ll get a lot of cool experiences as well – both from the gym and from the rest of our old, but young folk high school.

Rytme på Ollerup


Who goes

Create important experiences

If you enjoy moving to music, want to become proficient at it and can imagine training in some of the country’s best facilities under some of the most talented teachers, Dance / Rhythm is absolutely made for you. If you also want to throw yourself into a social everyday life with events, fun, immersion, play and super cool, daily training, then we are absolutely sure that you will feel at home at Rytme / Dans and not least at Ollerup.

It is no secret that Ollerup has grown up with rhythmic gymnastics. We have spent a century creating a sports college, where gymnastics and movement are the center of our absolutely amazing day-to-day life. In all these years, we have expanded our repertoire, honed our crafts and developed ourselves, so that today we can deliver exactly the training, experience and development that our students are looking for. You don’t need to be an expert at the start of the semester – we’ll help you become one. Every single year is a development process that we enjoy working with, as we work to keep the level of teaching at the absolute highest grade.

And it’s still amazing every single time we turn on the sound system.

Your return

What do you get at Rhythm / Dance?

In Ollerup’s Rhythm / Dance course you get:

  • Exceptional rhythm and dance lessons from amazing teachers.
  • The opportunity of practical teaching experience through an internship period at a boarding school
  • Friends who are just as passionate about gymnastics / dance as you are
  • A broad theoretical basis for the practical training


Most important of all – you get Ollerup A network of extraordinary, and unusually gymnastics-interested, exciting people that you’ll have gotten to know throughout your stay. We are the world’s oldest sports college, and we have become this by helping students find a place in the community through movement. Specifically through workouts, ski trips, giggle fits, blisters, community singing, frustrations, joys, sweaty workout clothes and everything that comes with folk high school life. Ollerup is 100 years of history, 150 pairs of H2O flip flops in the dining room and 200 water bottles by the arena wall. Ollerup is gymnastics, and if you are really into rhythmic gymnastics, Ollerup is definitely something for you.

We look forward to seeing you.

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