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 Stephen Rasmussen

Stephen Rasmussen

“Happy and unhappy are opposites, and it is not dangerous to lie in a good place in the middle. It is more important than one’s achievements in one or another field in one’s life. ”

Stephen is originally from Ærø, but has lived in Odense for the past 12 years. During his years in the defense, Stephen began to receive some coaching training, and subsequently began to train other coaches. It turned out that it was both natural and motivating, so when he took his teacher education, it was with a focus on becoming a boarding school teacher – preferably at a folk high school. For 5-6 years, Stephen was the center manager and instructor at Fitness World, where he trained the chain’s instructors and had a leadership role in health and exercise. When an acquaintance asked if he might want to start a fitness line at Ollerup, the answer was yes. Without the slightest knowledge of gymnastics, Stephen built the Health and Fitness line from scratch – and by the way, still has a bit of personal training. It is important to be up to date and to work with what he teaches.

“When you train personal trainers, it’s not just learning to make a program, after which you dictate. It is a craft where one can interact, understand, put oneself in the place of others. You can get everything professional in a book, but the craft must be learned ”

Stephen’s professionalism is therefore quite well in place. When his teaching works towards the students, he himself thinks that they may sense that there is a bottom in his guidance. Stephen reluctantly praises himself for his professionalism, but says that when he himself works in the role of high school teacher, it is because he is: “… Pretty good at being human. Yes, it was a verb. ” He explains it himself as the ability to put oneself in the place of others and communicate with instead of to others.

Even Stephen is very focused on the fact that those around him are doing well. Of course, you have to feel good about yourself, but it can be difficult if others in your circle of friends do not feel well. Of course, this applies to the highest degree to one’s family, but also to one’s colleagues and the people one surrounds oneself with. In addition, Stephen also believes that one should be a little careful when trying to be happy. Happiness comes, but it is there in a flash – and you are better at capturing and living that happiness if you are already in reasonable balance; If one is satisfied and one’s daily life contributes meaning.

“On the old grading scale was satisfactory and very satisfying – it was damn good. Maybe it’s OK if you do not try to feel perfect all the time, but be a little better at ‘just’ being happy. ”

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