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Student association

We are together, hilarious your personal cheerleaders 150 pairs of flip flops in the dining room a community the first of our kind just like you Ollerup

A very warm welcome to the Student Association for the Gymnastics College in Ollerup. We are happy to see you again!

After Ollerup

What is the Student Association?

The student association for Ollerup Gymnastikhøjskole is Denmark’s largest student association. Every year, more than 5,000 members receive our yearbook, each of these subscribers a representative from one of Ollerup’s many, many previous years.

Here you can learn more about Ollerup’s Student Association, read about our history, find information about – and see photos from – various events, and find publications of both Årsskrift and Elevnyt from the many, many previous years. You can also read more about our board members and find information about OD Baksås – our cozy country house in Norway.

There is a lot to tell about Ollerup, our students – both current and former – and about the many branches of organization that on a daily basis ensure that our historic folk high school keeps up with the times without losing itself along the way. More of this information is here, but not all of them. We hope you find what you are looking for and if so, you are always welcome to contact us – we will be helpful and responsive.

First and foremost, however, are:

The purpose of the student association is to support the Gymnastikhøjskolen and its students in their work, to be a link between former students and the school as well as to interconnect former students.

This purpose is solved i.a. through:

  • Publication of ANNUAL REPORT (sent out in December)
  • Publication of ELEVNYT (released in April)
  • Rental of “OD-Baksås”, Nissedal, which is the student association’s property in Norway
  • By, through information work and the like, contributing to an increased influx of instructors and leaders from the Gymnastikhøjskolen

If you are a member of the student association, we would also like to invite you to follow on our Facebook page, where we will continuously update and inform about everything that may be relevant to the student association members. You can find it straight away right here.


If you are a former student at Ollerup, but not yet a member of the NPD Student Association, and you want to become one, you can register by sending an email to .

You need to tell:

  • When you were a student,
  • First name, last name (+ possibly last name as student, if it has changed since),
  • Address, tel. No. and email.

You will then be sent an email with a link to pay the membership fee.

If you are a member of the NPD student association, but have not received an email with a link to payment, you can also write to Remember to write all the mentioned information – preferably incl. your student number – then we will help you into Denmark’s largest and probably best student association.

About the Student Association

On these pages you can read about the student association’s work both now and in the past. Take a look at the exciting history of the student association. There is a guarantee of a good story about the student association’s work over many years.

In addition, you can get an overview of our membership numbers. Under facts you can see where the college students and the student association members come from. You can also read the association’s articles of association.

We have also made a picture archive with year pictures (also known as student pictures) dating back to 1914. You can find them here . If you want to save an image, this can be done by right-clicking on the image and then pressing ‘Save As’.

Adopted at the general meeting on 26 May 2018.

§ 1.
The association’s name is “Ollerup Delingsførere”.
Daily referred to as “THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION”
Founded: February 7, 1921.

§ 2.
The purpose of the association is to support the Gymnastikhøjskolen and its students in the work and be a link between old students and the school, as well as old students among themselves.
The purpose is sought to be solved through:

1. Publication of yearbook in collaboration with the principal of the Gymnastikhøjskolen.

2. Publication of association magazine “Elevnyt”.

3. Operation and rental of the property OD-Baksås, Nissedal, Norway.

4. Through information work and the like to contribute to an increased influx of youth leaders from the Gymnastikhøjskolen.

Contribute with financial support for purposes that benefit the association’s members and the Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup.

5. a. Who can apply:

1. The Foundation for Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup
We want to provide an amount that the fund can afford. Among other things, it could be support for a foreign student’s stay. It could be a basic amount.

2. The spread of knowledge of the Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup
By this is meant, for example, persons who have been pre-selected by the Gymnastikhøjskolen to spread knowledge of the Gymnastikhøjskolen and the Danish folk high school movement.

3. Support for anniversary events
We give in advance a lump sum for 5 and 10 year anniversaries. In addition, other anniversaries can apply for financial support for their event.

4. Support for high school-related events
This means that you can get “the good idea” lectures, singing evenings etc.

5. Requests (applications) from the Gymnastikhøjskolen for equipment / furniture for the benefit of
current and former students. We would like to support investment in materials and furniture, art, for the school.

5. b. You can apply all year round. The applications are sent to Elevforeningen, Ollerup and processed at least 4 times a year or as needed. The applications are processed by the committee set up by the Student Association’s board, which recommends to the board for final approval. The chairman of the Student Association is always a member of the committee.

5. c: The student association’s liquid reserve must remain at least DKK 1,200,000.00. The return from the total assets, together with the other cash and cash equivalents, may be included in the amount granted for the purpose. The total amount granted for one year must be stated in the budget approved by the general meeting. At each general meeting, the purposes for which money has been allocated must be presented.

§ 3.
Members are all who have completed a 3, 4, 5, or 9 month course at the Gymnastikhøjskolen, and who have paid a membership fee.
The quota is collected via email or sending an invoice in January / February.
A student team is considered a member when the school stay is over, but the right to vote can only be obtained against payment of a membership fee.
During a student period, you do not have the right to vote.

§ 4.
The highest authority of the association is the general meeting.
The Annual General Meeting is held every year in connection with the student meeting.
Extraordinary general meetings may be held when the chairman or board of directors finds reason to do so, and must be held when 10 per cent. of the members of the association submit a written request to that effect with a detailed statement of the topic of negotiation.
Notice of the general meeting is given through “Elevnyt” or in special cases by sending a written notice.
Proposals that are to be included on the agenda of the general meeting must be submitted to the chairman no later than 14 days before.
At the annual general meeting, the following are discussed:

1. Election of conductor
2. a. Report on the Student Association’s work.
b. Report on activities at OD-Baksås, Nissedal.
c. Brief information about the Gymnastics College’s activities.
3. Presentation of the audited accounts.
Consideration of proposals received.
Election of board members and deputies.
a. Election of board members.
b. Election of deputies.
Election of auditor and deputy.
a. Election of auditor.
b. Election of deputy auditor.
Election of the student association’s members of the board of “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup.”
8. Possibly.

§ 5.

The Board of Directors consists of six members elected at the general meeting, who are elected for two years

In odd years 3 is chosen and in even years 3.
The elections to the Board of Directors are decided by oral proposals.
If there are more candidates than are to be elected, there must be a written vote.
The proposer must have obtained the commitment of the person proposed.

In addition, the Board of Directors consists of 4 extraordinary members.
A female and a male representative are elected from the student body that leaves the school around June each year.
The extraordinary members are elected for a two-year term and take office after the annual general meeting.
They are chosen in connection with the student team’s briefing on the “Student Association.”

The general meeting elects two auditors.
One of the auditors is up for election every year.
The general meeting elects a deputy auditor.
The deputy is up for election every year.

§ 6.

The “Student Association” elects three people to the board of “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup”.

The student association’s members of the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup” are elected
or appointed for a period of 2 years according to the following plan:

A. A member of the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup” is appointed by and from among
Student association board members.
B. Two members of the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup” are elected
The student association’s general meeting.

The person selected in group A is appointed for odd years.

The election procedure for members of the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup” which is elected in group B is as follows:
– Personal information on candidates must be submitted in writing to the Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup or the student association’s chairman no later than 14 days before the student association’s general meeting. Both the proposer and the candidate must be valid members of the Student Association. The proposer must have obtained the commitment of the person proposed. The candidates will be announced no later than 10 days before the student association’s general meeting at Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup’s or
the student association’s internet websites.
If there are more candidates than are to be elected, there must be a written vote.
– A person is elected in even years and a person is elected in odd years.

Persons who are elected in both groups A and B join the board of “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup” after the next ordinary annual meeting of “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup”.
The student association’s board elects a deputy for the student association’s representatives on the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup”. If a deputy joins the board of the “Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup”, he must be elected at the next general meeting of the Student Association.

§ 7.
The Board of Directors elects its own chairman, deputy chairman and secretary.
The Board of Directors may employ a salaried secretary outside the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors has a quorum when at least half of the members are present.
In the event of a tie, the chairman’s vote is decisive.
Minutes are kept of adopted decisions.
The Board of Directors may set up the committees necessary for the work.
The association is signed by the chairman, but this may, with the approval of the board, pass on powers to other board members or the employed secretary.

§ 8.
The annual quota is determined by the Board of Directors.

§ 9.
The association’s financial year is from 1 January to 31 December.

§ 10.
To amend these articles of association, at least a 3/5 majority is required at a general meeting, while all other decisions are made by a simple majority of votes.

§ 11.
The association can only be dissolved when 2/3 of the participants in two consecutive extraordinary general meetings with a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 2 months interval vote in favor.

In the event of the association’s termination, any funds must go to the independent institution Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup.

Adopted at the general meeting on 26 May 2018
Lars Meinert Mortensen

Minutes from the general meeting 3 October 2020 (PDF): Click here .

Accounts for 2019 (PDF): Click here .


(Approximate number)

1923 0568
1932 2105
1951 4761
1963 5417

The Brogaard saga

1967 6015

Peder Møller Rasmussen and Lisse Andreasen are elected with 89% of the votes.
(Approx. 10% of the votes wanted a replacement on the board. (Brogaard cases)
Approx. 1500 (others say 1100) members attended the general meeting.
The number of members was: 5692 Danish, 84 Norwegian, 170 from the last student team and with the current student team 69 a total of 6015 members.
The student association has not later had larger student numbers

5253 (5031+ current students 222)
4899 (4685+ current students 214)


Denmark jun / 12
Hjørring 691
Thisted 523
Aalborg 767
Viborg 796
Randers 1151
Aarhus 1088
Ringkøbing 2007
Skanderborg 939
Vejle 1777
Ribe 1956
Haderslev 655
Aabenraa 253
Barrels 237
Sønderborg 446
Odense 2002
Svendborg 1598
Copenhagen 2163
Frederiksborg 813
Roskilde 646
Sorø 1469
Holbæk 1143
Præstø 1271
Maribo 835
Bornholm 219
Greenland 30
Danish students Total 25475
Africa 56
Afghanistan 2
Argentina 68
Australia 13
Belgium 7
Brazil 66
Canada 96
Danzig 1
England 57
Estonia 21
Finland 13
France 3
Faroe Islands 104
Greece 4
Holland 9
India 11
Iraq 2
Ireland 3
Iceland 56
Israel 18
Italy 2
Japan 203
China 7
Korea 7
Latvia 6
Lithaun 2
Luxembourg 1
Malaysia 7
Mauritius, Indian Ocean 7
Between America
– – Costa Rica 9
– – Mexico 6
New Zealand 29
Norway 891
Philippines 1
Poland 4
Portugal 1
Russia 1
Switzerland 18
Scotland 6
Slovenia 14
South America
– Chile 2
– – Columbia 5
– – Paraguay 1
– – Peru 3
– – Uruguay 5
– – Venezuela 1
Spain 2
Sweden 163
South Schleswig 72
Syria 1
Thailand 2
Tibet 0
Czechoslovakia 5
Czech Republic 9
Slovakia 21
Germany 82
Hungary 4
USA 98
Vietnam 1
Austria 5
Foreign students Total 2314
Total students 27789


If you are looking for pictures from previous vintages, just click here .

If you want to save an image, open that image and then right-click and press ‘Save as’.

The student association has set up the NPD pool as an opportunity to support purposes that benefit the association’s members and the Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup.

Who can apply?

  • Members of the student union
  • Current students
  • Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup

How to apply?

Written application with a short description of the purpose, amount applied for and budget sent to the NPD Student Association’s secretary Vibeke Henriksen:

Supported purposes:

  • EC participation
  • Disco NPD day
  • The elite team
  • Going Abroad Members
  • Sofa event and white goods Baksås Jubilee gatherings prior to Student Meeting
  • Cork tiles and upholstery of furniture in the Old Living Rooms
  • Painting by former principal Jørgen A. Broegaard for De Gamle Stuer
  • Screen and program to send old student pictures via e-mail
  • Gift for the school’s 100th birthday
  • Artwork by Keld Moseholm
  • Donation for chair seats in Ollerup Arena

Sofas - OD pool

The story

In the yearbook 1920, Niels Bukh writes: Now our OD Association must have a firmer form.

In the yearbook 1921 it says: “Gymnastikhøjskolens Elevforening” our association could have been called. But the OD sign meets us everywhere.

The main task for “Ollerup Delingsførere” must be to collaborate with Gymnastikhøjskolen.

There are already 7-8oo members in “OD” (Viggo Munck.)

A committee is appointed consisting of: Viggo Munck, Frede Hansen, Kristian Krogshede, Anna Mortensen and Magda Brogaard. They continue to work on the plans and are the first board. Munck is elected chairman and Kristian Krogshede, secretary.

In 1923 – 568 members who pay 3 kroner in membership fee (Viggo Munck)

At the general meeting 11/2 1923, the laws for the Association “Ollerup Delingsfør” are changed, see page 100 in the Yearbook 1923.

The Ministry of War gives permission for the OD needle to be worn on the left upper arm of the uniform coat.

1923 – The board came to consist of: Anna Mortensen, Klim. Karen Rasmussen, Båring. Ingeborg Olsen, Roskilde. Jørgen Larsen, Malt. Erik Dalskov, Lem. Frede Hansen, and Kristian Krogshede.

Frede Hansen is elected chairman and Kristian Krogshede secretary.

1924 – Ca. 350 members.

Anna Mortensen, re-elected to the Board

Frede Hansen does not want re-election and Rask Nielsen is elected.

Vintage representatives Ingeborg Olsen and Erik Dalsgard are replaced by: Sister Galmstrup and Ejnar Rasmussen.

Rask Nielsen is elected chairman and Kristian Krogshede secretary.



In the Gymnastikhøjskolen’s first yearbook 1920, Niels Bukh suggested that an NPD Association should be made. At the Student Meeting Shrove Tuesday 1921, a working group was set up, and the Articles of Association for “Ollerup Delingsførere” were adopted.


1921 – 1923 Viggo Munck, Ollerup.
1923 – 1924 Frede Hansen, Ollerup.
1924 – 1931 Rask Nielsen, Ollerup.
1931 – 1950 Peder Møller Rasmussen, Bredsten near Vejle, then chairman of the school.
1969 Peder Møller retires.
1950 – 1962 Tage Hansen, Brørup.
1962 – 1968 Jacob Lindegaard, Corinth.
1968 – 1970 Johannes Nielsen, Nykøbing Falster.
1970 – 1998 Hans Jørgen Lørup. Vejrum.
1998 – 2010 Lynge Moesgaard. Give.
2010 -? Kristian Albertsen. V. Skerninge

Treasurer / Secretary:

1921 – 1931 Kristian Krogshede, Ollerup.
1931 – 1945 Rask Nielsen.
1945 – 1947 A. Søgaard Jørgensen.
1947 – 1950 Jørgen A. Broegaard.
1950 – 1978 Kristian Sørensen. (Thora Sørensen.)
1978 – 1988 Lars Kr. Nielsen and (Karen Nielsen.)
1988 – 2002 Bente and Aage Sækmose.
2002 – 2005 Bente Sækmose and Erik HA Jakobsen.
2005 – 2010 Bente and Aage Sækmose.
2010 -? Vibeke Henriksen.

Board members:

1921 – 1922 Magda Brogaard.
1921 – 1923 Frede Hansen, Ollerup.
1921 – 1926 Anna Mortensen, Klim.
1923 – 1927 Karen Rasmussen, Båring.
1923 – 1929 Jørgen Larsen, Malt.
1927 – 1929 Karen Vesterdal.
1929 -? Ingrid Skov.
1929 – 1931 Jens Peder Bang.
1931 – 1937 Ester Skriver.
1937 -? Kristian Rasmussen.
1937 – 1942 Ingrid Skov.
1937 – 1950 Tage Hansen, Brørup, then chairman.
1942 – 1946 Edith Hansen, Oreby.
1942 – 1962 Ingeborg Olsen.
1943 -? Anna Schultz, Vester Nebel.
1947 -? Anna Bjerre Poulsen.
1950 – 1962 Kristian Sørensen, Ollerup.
1951 – 1955 Kristine Kristoffersen.
1955 – 1979 Lisse Andreasen, Nørbølling, Brørup.
1962 – 1966 Tage Hansen, Brørup.
1962 – 1972 Aja Bonde Poulsen, Dybbøl.
Peder Wrang, Skovsbo near Svendborg.
1966 – 1968 Johannes Nielsen, Nykøbing Falster, then chairman.
1967 – 1970 Gunnar Pedersen, Herning, then in the school district.
1968 – 1970 Hans Jørgen Lørup, Vejrum, then chairman.
1969 – 1973 Gunnar B. Hansen, Ågård later Ollerup, then teacher and headmaster.
1970 – 1991 Willy Andersen. Elsinore later Krarup.
1972 – 1984 Anne Grethe Cornelsen.
1973 – 1998 Lynge Moesgaard, Give, then chairman.
1979 – 1997 Ane Marie Toftgaard.
1991 – 1996 Bjarne Stenhøj Hansen, Odense.
1996 – 2004 Per Christensen. Nr. Broby.
1997 – 1999 Sonja Eriksen. Holstebro.
1998 – 2002 Lars Mortensen. Nørager, then chairman of the school district.
1999 – 2007 Rie Popp Troelsen, Odense.
2002 – 2003 Steen Dyrvig Jørgensen, Varde.
2003 – 2006 Stefan Jensen, Odense.
2004 – 2012 Kristian Skårup, Copenhagen.
2006 – 2008 Erik HA Jakobsen, Svendborg.
2007 – 2009 Birgit Johansen, Odense.
2007 – 2013 Signe Asferg Andersen.
2008 – 2010 Marianne Lundsby Jensen, Bramming (Year-chosen 2008).
2008 – 2010 Martin Tofting Kristensen, Årre (Year-elected 2008).
2009 – 2011 Berit Madsen, Nr. Åby (Year-elected 2009).
2009 – 2013 Kenneth H. Christiansen, Borris (Vintage 2009).
2010 – 2012 Rene Hovedskov Larsen, Ringsted. (Year-elected 2010).
2010 – 2013 Maria Lundsby Jensen, Nykøbing M (Vintage selected 2010.
2011 – 2013 Kasper Bech Holdensen.
2011 – 2013 Tanja Mazur, Viby (Vintage selected 2011.)
2011 – 2013 Anders Larsen, Middelfart (Vintage selected 2011).
2012 – 2014 Bue Jul Jørgensen (Vintage selected 2012)
2012 – 2014 Maja Lykke Christiansen (Vintage selected 2012)
2013 – 2015 Mie Pommer Hansen, Vedbæk (Year-elected 2013)
2013 – 2015 Mads Hennecke Clausen, Tarm (Vintage selected 2013)
2013 – 2015 Peter Sabro, Odense
2014 – 2016 Katrine Engelund Brøns (Year-elected 2014)
2014 – 2016 Morten BH Kristiansen (Vintage selected 2014)
2014 – 2018 Ann V. Tygesen, Copenhagen
2015 – 2017 Nicoline Bebe Rasthøj, Odense NV (Vintage selected 2015)
2015 – 2017 Kristian Damgaard, Store Heddinge (Vintage 2015)
2015 – 2019 Simon Seiger Stensig, Århus C.
2016 – 2018 Ida Lousen, Aabenraa (Vintage selected 2016)
2016 – 2018 Anders Koldby Vestergaard (Vintage selected 2016)
2017 – 2019 Anne Mette Rohde, Herning (Vintage selected 2017)
2017 – 2019 Morten Dahl Kruse, Aars (Vintage Selected 2017)
1984 -? Birgit Sørup Heinsen. Blans.
2013 -? Lars Møller Andersen, Vejstrup.
2013 -? Gitte Skovlod Stenum, Skårup Fyn.
2018 -? Katrine Engelund Brøns, Odense C
2018 – 2020 Marie Sofie Spanggard Jespersen, Højbjerg (Vintage selected 2018)
2018 – 2020 Kasper Foss Hansen, Allerød (Vintage selected 2018)
2019 -? Ida Lousen, Odense C
2019 – 2021 Mathilde Damgaard Olesen, Holsted (Vintage selected 2019)
2019 – 2021 Walter Andersen, Holstebro (Vintage selected 2019)

The Gymnastics College becomes a “Self-governing Institution” in 1950.

The will states i.a.

The school’s teaching staff on 4 May 1950 and the student association’s board were to elect an institutional board.

In it should sit: Alfred Jørgensen, Marie Illum, Arne Mortensen, Jørgen A. Broegaard and Adia Frost.

School Teachers:

Lars Bækhøj

Adia Frost

Alfred Beck

Kristian Sørensen

Arne Mortensen

Jens Thorup

Jørgen A. Broegaard

Grethe Laulund

The student association’s board:

Gdr. P. Møller Rasmussen, Bredsten near Vejle

Dairy manager Tage Hansen, Brørup

Gymnastics teacher Ingeborg Olsen, Slagelse

Gymnastics teacher Anna Bjerre Poulsen, Lemvig

Folk high school teacher Jørgen A. Broegaard

Housekeeper, Marie Illum

Inspector Alfred Jørgensen

P. Møller Rasmussen is elected chairman of the school.

To the chairman of the student association: Tage Hansen,

Executive committee that manages the school’s financial management: Here Alfred Jørgensen is elected chairman.

As principals are elected: per. September 1, 1950: Arne Mortensen and Jørgen A. Broegaard.

1950. Kristian Sørensen is elected Secretary

New chairman: Tage Hansen. The student association.

Newly elected was Teacher Kristine Kristoffersen, Holte.

Vintage representatives: Jytte Parliin, Roskilde and Poul Hansen, Høve

P. Møller Rasmussen becomes chairman of the school.


P. Møller Rasmussen.

Alfred Jørgensen.
Marie Ilum.
Arne Mortensen.
Jørgen A. Broegaard.
Adia Frost.
Lars Bækhøj
Jens Thorup
Grethe Laulund
Kristian Sørensen
Alfred Beck

Student News is published for the first time.
In future, contains i.a. The general meetings

Proposals for new articles of association – must be approved in 1959, submitted.
Articles of association are approved for the Student Association “Ollerup Delingsførere”
1960 To the Board re-elected: Tage Hansen, Peder Møller Rasmussen, Kr.
Sørensen and Ingeborg Olsen.

There are now 3 boards.

5 members elected at the general meeting of the student association + 2 year-old representatives

3 members elected at the school district’s general meeting

The two boards minus year-old representatives on the student association’s board + two people appointed by DDSG & I and DGU (Later DGIs):


The chairman of the school district is also chairman of the board of the Gymnastikhøjskolen.

1970 – 1990 Johannes Nielsen
1990 – 2002 Gunnar Pedersen
2002 – 2005 Lars Mortensen
2005 – 2010 Anker Clausen.
2010 -? Poul Henning Jørgensen

1970 – 1990 Gunnar Pedersen, then chairman
1991 – 2009 Mogens Lund.
1980 – 2005 Anker Clausen, then chairman
2005 – 2011 Niels Dalsgaard
2009 – 2010 Poul Henning Jørgensen, then chairman
2011 – 2017 Astrid Levin
? – 2014 Kristian Skaarup
? – 2013 Michael Bjørn
? – 2014 Jørn From
? – 2012 Dorte Palm
? – 2015 Christian Duus
? – 2017 Dorte Stenbæk
2012 – 2015 Birthe Linddal Jeppesen
2012 – 2017 Bente Lassen Nørby
? -? Birgit Sørup Heinsen
? -? Lars Kristensen
? -? Kristian Albertsen
2015 -? Rudi Lauridsen
2015 -? Kasper Ingmann Fynbo Bille
2018 -? Mette Thiem Klitsø

From DDGU. and DDSG & I from 1992 DGI:
Helen Dalvig. DDSG & I
Karen Bjerre Madsen. DDGU.
Anne Marie Kristensen, Kruså.
Jørgen Jacobsen, Ullerslev.

– 2007 Lynge Kjeldsen, DGI
– 2006 Hans Højly. Tved near Svendborg. DGI Svendborg.
2006 – 2007 Birgit Johansen, DGI Fyn, then student-elected
2007 – 2009 AC Amstrup, DGI
2008 – 2009 Jens Højer – Kruse

When the new articles of association are adopted at the Student Meeting 2009, the representation is deleted from DGI.

1923 Ingeborg Olsen, Roskilde and Erik Dahlsgaard, Lem.

1924 Sister Galmstrup, and Ejnar Rasmussen.

1925 Rigmor Trier Hansen and Ejnar Jørgensen

1926 Herdis Skåning and Johannes Quist.

1927 Aase Højer and Laurits Madsen.

1928 Nanna Haunch and Karl Lindegaard.

1929 Litten Krohn and Kristian Rasmussen.

1930 Ester Skriver and Thomas Skovgaard.

1931 Ellen Bækhøj and Ole Roos.

1932 Karen Margrethe Trier and Johannes Madsen.

1933 Kirstine Sørensen and Kristian Thorup Pedersen.

1934 Johanne Pedersen and Ivar Mohr.

1935 Inger Viking and Harry Petersen.

1936 Ester West Hansen and Ove Petersen.

1937 Tilla Rishøj and Thorvald Gade.

1938 Maria Spanggaard and Sigurd Bendtsen

1939 Karen Schmidt, Århus and Henry Jørgensen, Kollerup.

1940 Inga Pedersen, Vejle and Niels Frøkjær.

1941 Lis Andersen, Copenhagen and Kaj Lundby, Copenhagen.

1942 Anna Gedelykke, Vinde and Børge Hermansen, Gråsten.

1943 Ketty Magnusson and Arne West Hansen.



1946 Gerda Hansen and Ole Olsen.

1947 Gudrun Kappel, Sønderborg and Hans Søvsø Hansen.


1949 Jytte Parliin, Roskilde and Ib Petersen, Horsens

1950 Jytte Parliin, Roskilde and Poul Hansen, Høve.

1951 Marie Sørensen, Skælskør and Poul Søndergaard, Borris.

1952 Bente Dalgaard Madsen, Grenå and Arne Kofoed, Lobbæk.

1953 Else Jensen, Slagelse and Knud Gregersen, Thisted.

1954 Inga Pederseen Aistrup and Gunnar Madsen, Allesø.

1955 to 1971 and 1974 – 1979 are missing.

1972 Bodil Lisby and Holger Vestergaard.

1979 Lisbeth Hårbøl and Egon Nielsen.

1980 Ida Gyde Christensen and Peter Schomacher.

1981 Lisbeth Pedersen and Ove Søndergaard

1982 Pia Engstrøm and Ole Krogslund Jespersen.

1983 Gitte Nielsen and Jens Junkersen

1984 Kirsten Refshauge and Poul Henning Jørgensen

1985 Maria Andresen and Søren Nissen

1986 Kirsten Sand Højen and Niels Ejersbo Hansen

1987 Eva Gaardsdahl and Uffe Holst

1988 Lisbeth Nielsen and Bjarne Stenhøj Hansen

1989 Dorte Jarbøl and Peter Kraach

1990 Bodil Pedersen and Torben Kjeldsen

1991 Ellen Bollerup and Anders Ølgaard Buhl

1992 Mette H. Nielsen and Bruno Skibbild Christensen

1993 Mette Bollerup and Ulrik Thomsen

1994 Sonja Eriksen and Per Christensen

1995 Mette Goul Pedersen and Bo Halm Andersen

1996 Marianne Jepsen and Jesper Hvid Nielsen.

1997 Trine S. Larsen and Bent Domino.

1998 Anja Krab and Peter Otto Thomsen

1999 Lenette Vad Sørensen and Jacob Venø.

2000 Larke Rau and Stefan Jensen

2001 Else Larsen and Jakob B. Skou

2002 Sanne Maj and Jacob Madsen

2003 Marlene C. Jørgensen and Christian Skårup.

2004 Mette Madsen and Lars Bliksted

2005 Anneli Friis Christensen and Morten Vestergaard

2006 Heidi Rask Frøkiær and Jesper Arnth.

2007 Signe Asferg Andersen, Vejen and Søren Barlslund Pedersen, Haslev.

2008 Marianne Lundsby Kristensen, Bøvling and Martin Tofting Kristensen, Årre

The student association adopted new articles of association at the student meeting on 23 May 2009.

From 2009, the representatives are elected for 2 years and have the right to vote.

2009 Berit Madsen, Nr. Åby and Kenneth H. Christiansen, Borris.

2010 Maria Lundsby Jensen, Valby and Rene Hovedskov Larsen Ringsted

2011 Tanja Mazur, Viby and Anders Larsen, Middelfart.

2012 Maja Lykke Christiansen, Skjern og Bue Jul Jørgensen, Odense C.

2013 Mie Pommer Hansen, Vedbæk and Mads Hennecke Clausen, Tarm

2014 Katrine Engelund Brøns, Odense C. and Morten BH Kristensen, Aarup

2015 Nicoline Bebe Rasthøj, Odense NV and Kristian Damgaard, Store Heddinge

2016 Ida Lousen, Aabenraa and Anders Koldby Vestergaard, Gjerlev J

2017 Anne Mette Rohde, Herning and Morten Dahl Kruse, Aars

2018 Marie Sofie Spanggaard Jespersen, Højbjerg, Kasper Foss Hansen, Allerød

2019 Mathilde Damgaard Olesen, Holsted and Walter Andersen, Holstebro

OD. needles in Gold

Sep 24 1991 Johannes Nielsen. After 24 years as the school’s chairman.

Mar 08 1992 Arne Mortensen, Teacher and headmaster.

01. jun. 2002 Gunnar Pedersen, member of the board for 35 years and chairman for 12 years.

01. jun. 2002 Gunnar B. Hansen, 3 years as a teacher, 2 years as a board member and principal for 22 years.

Oct 1 2010 Anker Clausen. 30 years on the board and 5 years as chairman.

Honorary members of the Student Association

May 31, 2008 Dagny and Willy Andersen. Board and Baksås old school.

May 29, 2010 Bente and Aage Sækmose. 28 years as secretaries of the student association.

May 30, 2015 Lynge Moesgaard, 25 years on the board, 12 years as chairman.

30 May 2015 Hans Jørgen Lørup, 2 years on the board, 28 years as chairman.

The student association's board

Kristian Albertsen


Vester Skerninge
Student F1987

Birgit Sørup Heinsen


Student 1977/78

Vibeke Henriksen


Vester Skerninge

Gitte Skovlod Stenum

Board member

Skårup, Fyn
Student 1986/87

Lars Møller Andersen

Board member

Student: 1991/1992

Katrine Engelund Brøns

Board member

Odense C
Student 2013/14

Ida Lousen

Board member

Odense C
Student F2016 and E2016

Anne Mette Rohde

Deputy board member

Student F2017 and E2017

Morten Dahl Kruse

Deputy board member

Student F2017

Mathilde Damgaard Olesen

Year representative 2019

Student: F2019 and E2019

Walter Andersen

Year deputy 2019

Student F2018, E2018 and F2019

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