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Ollerups Elitehold

We are together hilarious your personal cheerleaders 150 pairs of flip flops in the dining room a community the first of our kind just like you Ollerup

For over 100 years, Ollerup’s Elite Team has inspired and engaged when we have taken Danish gymnastics with the world around us. Learn more about us here.
After Ollerup
After Ollerup

Ollerups Elitehold

Every year, Ollerup selects a team consisting of former students and employees, which is called Ollerup’s Elite Team. The team has existed since the college’s foundation in 1920, and serves both as the school’s face to the outside world and as a source of inspiration for gymnastics at home and abroad. The elite team is one of the traditions we at Ollerup are quite proud of. As selected on the team, you take on a special responsibility to be a link between our folk high school and between the many locally rooted association cultures that the team encounters during its travels. You are part of a selected community, and you have been appointed ambassador for Ollerup’s Gymnastikhøjskole – both at school, for shows, during workshops and at home in your own local association.

For many of our students, their first meeting with Ollerup has been during the Elite Team’s show. By visiting, involving and inspiring young gymnasts, the Elite team has for over a century contributed to attracting new students, and to maintaining Ollerup’s reputation in Danish gymnastics. We are especially aware of this because we need these young people and because we all only have our historic folk high school on loan. We do not take ourselves solemnly, but for the sake of posterity, we take great care of both our college and its reputation.

We are doing our best. We have control over our values – and then we do really cool gymnastics.

In addition to the role as ambassador – and of course all the cool gymnastics – Ollerup’s Elite Team has a tradition as a travel team. Over the last century, we have sent our gymnasts to more than 100 countries across the globe. We helped start the Danish travel team tradition, and still today we carry the flag with us when we represent our corner of Danish gymnastics.

In order to be selected as an elite team gymnast, you must be affiliated with Ollerup and otherwise be a member of the NPD Student Association. The Elite team is typically selected at the beginning of the autumn semester Aug / Sep, and you can find further information either through our news or via the Elite team’s Facebook page .

The elite team trains on weekends spread over an entire season, and often performs in continuation of a training session. There will be approx. 10 shows in one season.

Training and show calendar for season 21/22:

20-22. August (withdrawal)
3-5. September
24-26. September
29-31. October
10-12. December (+ possible increase)
21.-23. January (+ possible increase)
4.-5. February (+ up to NPD day)
April 22-24 (Rep Convention)
10.-11. June (+ up to Student Meeting)

In addition, training (s) and show (s) in April / May (the dates for these will come as soon as possible), as well as the National Convention in week 26 and the possibility of a trip abroad in the autumn of 2022.

Info about the last trainings and registration for the selection will come as soon as possible.

Friday the 20th – Sunday the 22nd of August 2021

– including 1st training for the new team on Sunday d. August 22nd


Below you will find links to videos of sequences we wish you had learned before. A program for the selection, as well as other useful info, can be found on this Facebook event when registration closes: Selection for Ollerup’s Elite Team 2021/2022 , or via this Info letter to gymnasts .

The elite team must be given high priority, and therefore we expect you to have related to the training and show calendar, and that you can see yourself in the team’s purpose:

“Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup has, as far as possible, a gymnastics team, which is called the Elite team.

It has been decided that the Elite team is a selected team consisting of former students as well as current or former employees. The team must at all times be able to represent the folk high school’s values, and as a selected gymnast you have a special responsibility to be a link between the folk high school and the locally rooted association cultures. The elite team is expected to be a source of inspiration and a commentary on gymnastics both at home and abroad.

In addition to this, the Elite team is also an important part of the Gymnastikhøjskolen’s marketing. As a gymnast on the Elite team, you are thus an ambassador for the Gymnastics College. This applies to both training at the school, shows, workshops but also in one’s local association. “

As a gymnast on the Elite team, the following is expected:

  • That you as a gymnast are part of the common premise around
  • Good workouts. Good shows. Good fellowship and togetherness.
  • That you are a member of the school’s student association.
  • That you respect and comply with the folk high school’s values in order to thereby represent the folk high school in a proper way.
  • That you as a gymnast take the lead and understand that as an Elite Team Gymnast you must not only improve your skills, but also be an inspiration to others.
  • That you prioritize your participation very highly in the year (s) where you are a gymnast on the Elite team.

As a former student and elite team gymnast, you are an ambassador for the school. When participating in the Elite team, you must be a member of the NPD Student Association.

Note that this season it is not possible to only line up as a “jumper”.

Network sequences

Rhythms: Link to video

Men: Link to video

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