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 Signe Schaarup

Signe Schaarup

“I think I’m pretty good at nerds. There is so much to learn that you do not know yet, so there is always something to immerse yourself in ”

When you can dance as a young person and you start walking in the city – then you are on the dance floor instead of making trouble. At least it was the reasoning that made Signe’s father enroll her in a couple’s dance. The first puddles were made in the hall at Vejstrup Continuation School, because Signe herself comes from there, but she went to Bernstorffsminde herself, and that was where the gymnastics really got stuck. The joy of movement had come from the dance, but when she saw the Elite team, she knew immediately that that team she should go on. That is why she signed up for Ollerup. In the meantime, Signe has been with the World Team twice – one as a coach – taken a dance education, studied Sports and Health at SDU, and also got her first instructor role in SG because ” it obliges to be skilled”.

“You give a lot of yourself, but are still filled up by both students and colleagues. I really think I’m a family person, but after a Christmas break I’m really looking forward to getting back to work too. Of course, it’s also because I enjoy my job, but I also have good colleagues and challenges.

Signe is good at really nerds. She is always exploring, and the playful, exploratory approach to both students and gymnastics provides the new perspectives that make Signe’s teaching exciting. In combination with her technical and skills knowledge from both gymnastics and dance, she has the professional prerequisites 100% in order. If, on the other hand, she herself has to mention an important competence, she says that she is naturally curious – both humanly and in relation to gymnastics, and that she is so privileged that she can teach with her colleagues. Presence and good energy come out of it.

As a folk high school teacher, it is important for Signe to be able to create security in the teaching. It is important for her to feel safe and free to be herself, and that is exactly why she does everything she can to give students the courage to be themselves. It also means that you dare to be a whole person and that you do not put too much lid on yourself when you have a gray day or are touched. It is both healthy and liberating to be honest about all the colors one’s emotions can have.

“It is important to know and to show that being human is not just about being happy and positive all the time. I get tears in my eyes every semester when something touching happens and I do not bother to try to hide it. Every semester starts with imagining being happy always – but it does not last. ”

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