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 Mikaël Vivien Orozco Madsen

Mikaël Vivien Orozco Madsen

“You have to go to Ollerup’s dance line if you really want to learn to dance – and if you want chills along the way.”

Mikaël was born in France, but moved to Funen as a child and started gymnastics. After a number of years with the rhythm and expression of gymnastics, however, he realized that it was in fact the dance that enticed. It seemed more honest, was broader and could express more. Mikaël was trained as a dancer, choreographer and communicator, and today has extensive experience from the performing arts, both on and behind the stage. He has danced in various theaters, in companies and independent productions in i.a. Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, England and Spain.

“Dance is the oldest social practice, the oldest art form and some of the most human and natural that exists – there has been dance for just as long that has lived people. It is history, fully in line with murals and drums. It was only during Louis XIV that dance came on stage, instead of being something you yourself were involved in. “

Mikaël has extensive theoretical knowledge of the history of the performing arts, and of how to critically place his artistic practice in relation to its historical and societal context. He has many years of teaching experience for all age groups – from all stages of primary school, after-school, high schools, and higher education institutions. In addition, Mikaël has provided regular morning training for professional dancers.

For Mikaël, it is important that his students feel that they are heard and that they have an influence on their own learning and development. With his background in ballet, modern dance and jazz technique, his teaching and choreographic practices are grounded in modern dance, floorwork, partnering and improvisation.

“You see dance in the city, at shows, at competitions and on stage. I teach the dance of the stage. It’s about expression, personality and aesthetics – even when the stretched and beautiful becomes distorted and ugly. It’s far from House dance, but if you want something with dance – and also with gymnastics – it’s a good thing to get wise to. “

  • The Danish School of Performing Arts
  • Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance
  • Stepz dance education
  • Reumert nominated for best children / youth performance
  • Front person for the Dance Committee, as well as a member of the board of the Danish Actors’ Association
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