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 Simon Øbro

Simon Øbro

“We need to remove the link between ‘performance’ and ‘result’. It is true that the two like to follow each other, but the result is an external factor that others decide – the performance can, in turn, be controlled entirely by yourself. It is infinitely more important. ”

Simon originally comes from North Jutland, where he also started his gradually long gymnastics career. Here he was a fixture on the regional teams – both Junior, Aspirant and Rep. Teams, before he started at Ollerup. When the stay was over and he had been an after-school teacher for a few years while taking over the coaching role on the regional teams, he started teaching TeamGym. When the time came to study Sports and Health at SDU in Odense, he also started at OGF Senior Men, where he quickly got some results stacked on his legs – especially on the rhythm front. After later taking on the coaching role at Svendborg Seniorherrer, Simon switched to being a TeamGym teacher here with us – and it suits us perfectly!

“The goal is not ‘just’ to win, but to perform at its own highest level – then we have hit it! Losing a competition after an absolutely fantastic performance is a greater success than if you win, even if you delivered something unfortunate… ”

In exactly TeamGym, Simon has the unique advantage that he knows the rules inside and out – and not just in his wording, but the real basis of assessment. This means that he knows exactly what the referee is looking for, and can structure teach according to exactly that, so that you can go directly for the points already during the training. And although there are many skilled TeamGym coaches, it is also quite unique that Simon does not have a ‘specialty’ – he teaches at the highest level in both the jumping and rhythm section.

And just following a goal, making sure there is a meaning to the teaching, is one of Simon’s major motivating factors; We must both raise the level and point the ambitions inwards, so that success is determined by your own performance, and not by the result. Everyone’s basis is different. This is exactly where Simon’s biomechanical and physical understanding comes into its own – when Simon analyzes the mechanics behind the movements and provides exactly the feedback that can turn an advanced problem into a simple correction that any gymnast can both understand and live by. Then you not only solve the problem, you deal with the cause of the problem, while the gymnast gets a classic: “Was that just what I should do” moment. And we really like them.

“The most important thing is that those I train experience the training as meaningful. For some it is about competing to win, others want to ‘just’ develop or have a challenge, and some may have chosen the subject almost at random. Even those who just want to loll around on a big trampoline must experience that they are moving forward – that there is development, that they are getting better. * ”

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