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 Sebastian Toft Bro

Sebastian Toft Bro

“You have to get a little more confused, instead of just taking what you want when you are in high school. There has to be something to think about than just gymnastics – it makes you better. ”

Sebastian is originally from Northwestern, and when he was introduced to Powertumbling at his after school program, it was love from the start. After that he spent a number of years with his own company, working as a sports manager in VGF89, elite tumbling in Holstebro, working as an after-school teacher at a number of schools and as a coach on a number of teams, while he himself went on Rep. Team, took a stay at Ollerup in 2011 and then was a gymnast on the Elite team for 4 years and otherwise participated in a staggering amount of other events, Sebastian found to Odense. Here was a sweet girl that he is married to today – and it fits perfectly with the fact that he is a high school teacher here at Ollerup.

“It’s nice to say you’re passionate about gymnastics, but you’re passionate about what’s in it. I fell for powertumbling, but it might as well have been football. You go in uniform, see each other naked, are together in your free time and then there are just no more surprises. There is some orderliness, care, responsibility… And yes, community. You laugh and cry together, and it strengthens something in us. ”

If it sounds intense, then you are absolutely right. Therefore, it is also important for Sebastian that one is proper; Both towards tools, towards his fellow human beings and not least towards himself. He himself does not take the credit for the now impressive gymnastics CV, but immediately passes the responsibility for his results on to the coaches who have had him in master training over time.

And precisely decency and responsibility go again as something of the most important for Sebastian. That one learns to take responsibility for oneself, prepares and creates a structure in a broader sense than just in the gym. With a gymnastics career that reportedly ran at a little too high a speed, Sebastion is now a big proponent of avoiding complicating his life more than highly necessary. Precisely for this reason, he also teaches the elective subject Fire and Food, which he, in addition to the tumbling, does not hesitate to call his heart child. This is where you get peace of mind and time to gather around what is most important.

“Wouldn’t you be nice to write it with being naked together? It’s so much fun! And then make it stand there ‘he says with a crooked smile’ “

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