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 Mads Haubjerg

Mads Haubjerg

“There is always a different angle on the technique… It’s just about saying it in the way that suits the gymnast. Then you get those ‘aha’ experiences that really push things forward. ”

Mads Haubjerg is almost a graduate engineer, comes from the West Jutland association life and actually started at Ollerup in 2014 to learn how to make an Arab-flik double tract. He reached that goal, and from here his jumping career took off. Since then, Mads has been both an active competitive gymnast and trainer at e.g. the junior mixed national team where he still is today. Mads has put his specialty as an engineer in integrated design – “product development and innovation”, on pause to replace the books with training clothes at Ollerup, where he teaches the line subjects TeamGym and Powertumbling,

“If you keep training in the same way, you reach a ceiling at some point – and you can get through that by experimenting and changing technique. Get a sensible foundation first, and then twist it, try something crazy, go a little away from the ‘textbook’ solution and test something new. ”

It is not natural for a well-functioning West Jutlander to praise himself, but in return Mads is good at praising others. If he absolutely has to highlight something, Mads thinks that he is quite good at motivating, getting the gymnast ‘involved’ in the teaching, and creating a healthy training environment.

There will, says Mads, always be a competitive element in all sports, but if you want to develop, it is more important that you have a safe training environment and that you have confidence that your teacher thinks and does what he says. . That there is honesty and integrity – otherwise trust disappears. At the same time, it is also important that the teaching is actually fun, playful and exploratory, and that you train varied. Often it is the unconventional methods that open new doors – and then you can train the sun black without achieving the same development that 1 new technique, or a better formulation can create. And it is 100% individual which formulation or technique is best.

On the one hand, it is important that one’s training makes sense and is repeated – and on the other hand, it must be varied so that one avoids standing still. Development requires movement. ”

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