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 Line Møller Petersen

Line Møller Petersen

“What I am most concerned with about the students is teaching them to be the best version of themselves and instead giving them space to be the true version. When we act in accordance with what is true in us, we can connect with each other. No one can feel connected to a nice facade. ”

To the question of where Line is from, she answers that she does not know how to define “from”. She is originally from Viborg, but has lived all her adult life in Copenhagen and describes herself as a good mixed product from both places. Line generally has difficulty thinking in “boxes”, and according to her it is an advantage when she teaches various folk high school subjects, where the question is often more important than the answer, and where the answer can rarely be said to be right or wrong.

The confidential space, and the opportunity to get something moving , is what Line is driven by as a high school teacher. Previously, Line worked as a high school teacher with the subjects Danish and philosophy behind her, but high school, unlike high school, can explore the world in a much more experience-based way, and it can help set learning free. Line hopes students will experience that freedom as a privilege.

The freedom that high school life offers is both scary and fun. Fortunately, in each of their ways, my colleagues are eminently good at creating just the right framework for having a sense of security in general during the scary and fun.

With literature and philosophy, Line has cultivated and developed her basic love of interpreting and exploring the complexity of everything. It is also this urge to discover that keeps the spark alive as the school welcomes a whole new student body each semester.

“Literature can provide us with the magic mirror, which, when we look at it, reflects something ugly back. And in this beauty there is also the greatest space of realization, because the beauty is often what we have turned away from. If we can not read books all the time, then we can read each other like books and be each other’s magic mirrors. That kind of reading also stimulates our perceptions about ourselves and the world around us. I love magic mirrors ”

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