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 Cristiane Fiorin-Fuglsang

Cristiane Fiorin-Fuglsang

“You have to allow yourself to be curious and searching. To have a life attitude that says that you discover the way while walking it. ”

Cristiane is Ollerup’s bridge builder to the world. Although she originally comes from Brazil, she now lives in Odense, and she has been indispensable in Ollerup since 2009. Before she moved to Denmark in 2002, Cristiane took a master’s degree in Sports in Brazil, and when she came to Denmark to write her PhD, she was instead intercepted by DGI – and then here at Ollerup.

Since then, Cristiane has trained in both project management at DTU and International Business Communication at SDU. Cristiane is most often in a contagious, good mood, she is responsible for our European and international collaborations, and then she teaches Sports Diplomacy to our international students.

“If you now go 100% according to your goal, and you do not reach it, it is not lost. You have learned a lot along the way, which can be used constructively from the new place you land. So: Learn different, exciting things, and put them together in surprising ways. ”

Cristiane has a very special ability to make complex things easy to understand, and in an international context with project management and young people at the center, that ability is invaluable. In addition to taking responsibility for the many, many international collaborations and projects Ollerup participates in, Cristiane takes care of the international student recruitment and coordinates expectations between different cultures, while she herself teaches the international students.

Behind all the many tasks lies a great love for complexity, cooperation and for development – both by himself and by others. Cristiane’s great driving force is to get wiser and she LOVE to see the moment when the light is turned on and one understands something completely new. In addition, Cristiane also has great pleasure in putting cultures together – and especially when one is the Danish association and sports culture.

“Every time you learn something new, you get a new Lego brick. Did you know that when you have 6 Lego bricks, they can be combined in 102 million different ways? ”

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