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 Malthe Hahn

Malthe Hahn

“It’s not stupid until you have tried it. That’s a very good quote, isn ‘t it? ”

Malthe comes from Ødsted, a little outside Vejle and without hesitation classifies himself as an original Jew. He also lived there until he started at Ollerup in 2011, and after a single year more in Jutland, he left with the World Team. When he returned from his tour, his career took him seriously to Sydfyn, where he was coach at Berns Efterskole for 5 years, before he left again with the World Team – this time as a coach. In the meantime, Malthe also managed to cultivate a lot of TeamGym in Silkeborg and at SG Herrerne, where it: “probably also turned into a couple of championships” .

“A jumping teacher at Ollerup is really allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants … and then you have a pretty cool view. You can learn a lot from the zealots you always .. Or at least I have always been so lucky to be surrounded by. It is very inspiring – and that is how you have to hope that you can become yourself someday. ”

Malthe does not find it easy to attribute any super skills, but still thinks that he is quite sensible to adapt – to meet each student and gymnast where they are, and to help create focus and calm. In Malthe’s view, most students have a goal, an ambition or a success criterion that they hope to achieve, both during training and with their high school stay. It is important for Malthe that these goals must be found, verified and – if they make sense – achieved. In everyday life, as Malthe says, it is not always gymnastics that it is crazy about when you have a bad workout.

Malthe is also focused on the fact that as a student you should not reach your peak while you go to Ollerup – neither as a gymnast nor as a human being. After your high school stay, you have acquired a number of athletic, but also to a large extent social skills and a higher degree of self-insight, and these are topics that you must continue to develop. Even though you may “peak” during your stay at Ollerup, there are other peaks and peak levels that await afterwards – and you should not forget to seek them out.

“It is too early to peak when you go to folk high school. There are so many roads to Rome, and perhaps one’s achievement in the early 20’s is not the most important thing that is going to happen in one’s life. Of course, it’s insanely cool to be at the folk high school, but the next 60-70 years can damn well do something. ”

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