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Courses at Ollerup

Short Courses
Short courses

High school stay at Ollerup

Short courses at Ollerup

High school for all ages

Every year, Ollerup opens the doors to a large number of folk high school courses and events, so that visitors of all age groups and with different interests can taste our folk high school life. We put together community, play, physical activity and reflection in experiences you are guaranteed to remember.


At Ollerup, we offer a wide range of both creative and more physical electives.

We simply call the non-sporting electives electives, and you have them two hours a week. We call the physical electives Sports, and you have them either two hours (spring) or four hours (autumn) per week.


High school subjects

Those who live together learn together!

As a folk high school student, you have some folk high school subjects that are based on the community at Ollerup.

High school subjects

Everyday life at Ollerup

As a student at Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, you largely put together your own stay. You choose about half of your weekly teaching hours yourself, so you can be sure that your stay is tailored exactly to you.

Everyday life