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The sports leader of the future

Do you have what it takes to become one of the sports leaders of the future? In collaboration with DGI, Ollerup offers the opportunity for a specialised education in association and sports management.


Are you the sports leader of the future?

Then you get:

Insight into:

  • Communication, management and personal development
  • Collaboration and team building
  • Project management and communication
  • The diversity and challenges of sport
  • Volunteering and association life
  • Health and body culture

Practical experience in:

  • Planning and running events for different target groups
  • Cooperation
  • Designning and running events at the folk high school
  • Planning, managing and implementing projects
  • Communicating sports-related activities

In addition, you get:

  • A study trip to the upcoming national convention city for three days with the other FIL-certified folk high schools.
  • An education that gives weight to an upcoming study
  • Additional qualifications for sports studies
  • 18-24 amazing weeks of folk high school

practical information

You get a challenging and free sports management education together with your high school stay.
Only as a “FIL student” you get the entire education with a valuable certificate and a recognition from DGI. DGI supports the education at 6 sports colleges with DKK 400,000. annually.

If you say YES to the education, you commit to participating actively in the subject throughout the semester.

What is Ollerup?

There are lots of opportunities at Ollerup.

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FIL has been established through a collaboration between DGI and six sports colleges in Denmark. The collaboration aims to unite the college’s values, popular enlightenment, life mastery and democratic formation with DGI’s values; Health, challenge and community, through a contemporary sports management education.

The purpose of the education

The sports leader of the future and the total college stay intends:

  • To create potential young sports / association leaders with insight into and motivation to – in a constructive way – be able to contribute to development in the field of sports and associations.
  • To provide the students with a theoretical understanding of both the current sports image and the development trends within sports and association life in DK.
  • To create reflective and action-oriented potential young sports / association leaders with insight into their own resources.
  • To provide students with a theoretical foundation and practical tools in relevant areas such as management, collaboration, project management, communication and dissemination.
  • To give students the opportunity in practice to test and apply acquired knowledge and tools in a real context.

With this education, we want to promote personal development as well as motivate conscious, reflective sports leaders who have an understanding of and insight into conditions that help to develop association life.

The content of the subject

The subject FIL contains one or more sports-related project courses in parallel with topics within ‘The World of Sports’ and ‘Personal Development, Communication and Management’ being brought into play in the teaching. In addition, students participate in a study trip with the country’s other FIL colleges. The project work aims to provide students with a theoretical foundation as well as practical tools in relation to. management, planning, organization and execution of projects. The college’s work with the surrounding community gives students the opportunity, and experience, to try out and apply the practical tools in a real context.

– The World of Sports

Here we will i.a. touch upon topics such as the history of sports, development and organization in Denmark, the qualities and intrinsic value of sport, volunteering and involvement, association development – its opportunities and challenges as well as different target groups of children, young people and adults in sport.

– Personal Development, Communication and Management

Through the students’ project process, the collaboration is put under the microscope and the personal development is put into play. – How does the student participate in the collaboration, who takes responsibility, and how do we utilize the team’s strengths. Team building, communication, conflict management and management tools are all elements that are touched upon through theoretical presentations, practical exercises and experiences from the project work. We will examine different types of people and discuss the instructor’s / leader’s role as a cultural carrier in association life.

– Study days

As part of the FIL education, there is a 2-day study trip, where all FIL students go on an excursion to the upcoming county convention city together with the FIL students from the other partner colleges. Here, students are introduced to current sports themes from different arenas – including presentations on DGI’s and the municipalities’ work with sports as well as examples from association life. Team building and teaching organized by the students themselves as well as work with project management in practice – often with externals as process coordinators – are also themes of the day.

The days put the FIL subject in perspective and provide, in addition to a lot of experiences with other high school students, insight into what job opportunities there are in the field of sports and health. Through shared experiences, debate and dialogue, the students’ network is expanded to future development in sports and association life.

Final comments

If you choose FIL, you commit to the entire semester (both elective periods). The semester ends with a qualifying diploma with a short description of the topics covered. The subject is taught at the same time as the folk high school’s other, more creative, elective subjects.


LUP er vores lederuddannelse – et fag, der lægger sig op ad dit linjevalg. Faget indeholder emner, der kan være med til at motivere dig til at blive træner/leder i det frivillige foreningsarbejde, på efterskoler eller lignende efter dit højskoleophold.

Fremtidens Idrætsleder

Du får en udfordrende og gratis idrætslederuddannelse sammen med dit højskoleophold.
Kun som ”FIL-elev” får du hele uddannelsen med et værdifuldt bevis og en anerkendelse fra DGI.


Ekstra kurser og undervisning

På Ollerup kan du tage en bred række anerkendte og certificerede uddannelser. Du kan bl.a. blive certificeret personlig træner, livredder og tage PADI-dykkercertifikat.


Højskolen er et godt springbræt til en videregående uddannelse. Det unikke ved højskolen er, at vores socialliv bygger på, at vi ikke kun kender hinanden fra undervisningen, men også fra hverdagen.

LUP uddannelse

Tilmeld besøgsdag

Tilmeld dig en af vores besøgsdage, og mærk hvordan din hverdag kan se ud på Ollerup. Og få stillet alle de spørgsmål, du gerne vil have svar på. 

Mød din måske kommende underviser, se dine faciliteter og oplev den helt særlige stemning på Ollerup. 

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