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 Jonathan Linde

Jonathan Linde

“There was something almost philosophical about being strong to be useful – to break the expectations and perceive the world a little more as a playground than just stone and architecture.”

There is a lot to tell about Jonathan. He grew up in Zambia, is a rugby player, is a skilled pencil artist, and then he met parkour when he studied Sports at SDU. With a fresh background as a commander in the military, Jonathan did not come from a gymnastics background, but undertook parkour as a thesis project with a fellow student. After some time in the jumping center at SDU, the project gradually developed into a passion, and after teaching, holding shows and expanding his skills, Jonathan is today an expert in creative movement, parkour technique and perhaps especially in learning how to release the little fear. The one who makes you not dare.

“Some people get sweaty palms and butterflies in their stomachs over something that others do not think about at all. That fear has to be dealt with because it does not help anywhere – and once you have learned to deal with fear, you can use it for the rest of your life as well. ”

And just to connect movement cultures, the philosophy behind and to learn how to let go of fear, Jonathan is good at. He describes his driving force, both in the military and in his teaching, as being able to contribute to the student and be a positive impact, and right here, the sport is ideal. A place where you can gain self-insight and community, and where it is OK to make mistakes and get bumps – as long as you get up again. As long as the little fear is not allowed to settle.

When you enter the parkour hall with Jonathan, you quickly discover that he has trained parkour in the targeted way you become proficient at. At the same time, you also experience that there are thoughts behind it: It is not just about jumping over railings and park benches. In fact, it’s not just about being physically fit, versatile and fast, but also about being able to use it. Being able to take your creativity and boldness with you from the parkour hall and out into reality also means that you must learn to fall without being harmed – also in a figurative sense. It is about freedom, boldness and resilience.

“Parkour is about getting to know yourself and getting the success you deserve when you take a risk. At the same time, it is also a really good game, where you use both the body and the head at high pressure. ”

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