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OD day

gymnaster til OD-dag 2022

Saturday, May 14, 2022

On May 14, we gather approx. 3000 participants in the college’s halls and halls to give former students the opportunity to participate with their current team and to give current students the opportunity to plan and run a larger convention.

The OD Day is always an intense and festive gymnastics experience, which we look forward to every year!

The invitation applies to all teams with a lower age limit of 12 years.

Ollerup’s Elitehold and Dansekompagni are always part of the shows on the day.

The day ends with an evening party for participating senior teams, and no alcohol is sold to people under 18 years of age.

See you?

Practical information (2022)

Registration procedure

The places at the OD day are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon registration, you will receive a payment confirmation, but the individual team is only guaranteed a place when you receive an email confirming participation or admission to the waiting list.

Waiting list

The arena is now fully booked, but there are few seats left in the OD hall . Teams that are on the waiting list will be contacted if there is room in the program or there is a cancellation from another team. Teams that do not attend the OD day will of course be refunded the paid team fee.


Registration opens November 1 at 10.00. Sign up here . You must state which team you want to join and how many participants are on the team. It is possible to participate in several teams, in which case you only have to pay once. Therefore, be aware that there may be a difference between the number of participants and the number of paying participants . You must enter which other teams we in the planning must take into account, in relation to gymnasts who participate in several teams.

You can sign up for the following teams:

Rhythmmax. 10 min.
Tumblingmax. 15 min.
Commonmax. 25 min.
boarding schoolmax. 30 min.

Performances in the Arena and the OD hall.

The program will be ready in mid-January. It is published here on the site. The program is sent together with info via e-mail to the instructors.


Managers and bus drivers free of charge.

The registration procedure ends with payment, you must therefore have a Dankort or similar. clear.


Paying participants on the teamPrice per. team
100 +5.500,00

We reserve the right to change prices.


Between DKK 50.00. Children under 12 free. Payment with MobilePay or cash.

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