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Olympus Live

Olympus live

TV-2, Gnags, Wormwood, Dancer with Boys and Dodo and The Dodos all go on stage when Live Culture presents a blast of a concert experience on 20 August. In collaboration with Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, the two parties have joined forces on a new collaboration that starts with a full-day concert with some of the country’s strongest live bands.

Olympen Live is the name of the new concert concept, which Live Culture is now presenting in collaboration with Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup. At Live Culture, the enthusiasm is great. Here, they have for a long time been looking for a concert venue, where logistics, parking, facilities and access conditions allow for large concerts with many thousands of guests. And all wishes are fulfilled in Ollerup.

– We were blown all the way back when we first saw the square. With its unique history, beautiful setting and good access conditions, the place can lift the experience of concerts to new heights. There are really many opportunities to do big concerts here, says Michael Juul Møller, director of Live Culture, and elaborates that Olympen Live is the first of a long series of concerts and events in Ollerup.

Principal Thomas Smidt Dissing from Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup is proud of the new collaboration.

– My task as principal is also to open the school to the rest of South Funen. With the new collaboration, we can show what a tremendous framework there is here in Ollerup. Several may have visited us for the Democracy Festival, but we now have the opportunity to use the area in completely new ways with concerts of various sizes, which will benefit us all, says principal Thomas Smidt Dissing.

From the violence to the Olympics

The concert day with some of the country’s most famous bands takes place in the square behind the school, which in its time was created for the Nordic Olympics back in 1935, and at that time accommodated both the royal family and 50,000 guests.

– It is a completely unique area built for that kind, so I am so happy that the collaboration has been successful here, says principal Thomas Smidt Dissing from Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup.
The area behind the folk high school has been referred to daily as violence, but with the new collaboration and concert plans, the square will be named Olympus with references to history.
– Olympen is a fantastic outdoor concert venue that can accommodate both small intimate concerts and the big international artists with many thousands of guests – and right in our “Funen backyard”, says Michael Juul Møller from Live Culture.
Thomas Smidt Dissing looks forward to welcoming thousands of guests to Ollerup.
– We have unique facilities – also with our new large hall, which is located right next to the Olympics. And to anyone who has not yet visited Olympics, I can only say that there is an experience waiting. It is a unique space that was created back in 1935 and can be used to such an extent today, he says.
Ticket sales for Olympen Live start on Monday. November 15, 2021, at 10. Everyone who has unused tickets from the canceled concert at Valdemar’s Castle from the corona closure will automatically be changed to Olympen Live on August 20, 2022, as the new concert venue also replaces the previous collaboration with Valdemar’s Castle. It is also possible to get your ticket refunded. All guests are notified directly about the possibilities.

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