Douglas Silva

Douglas is originally from Brazil, he was a student of Ollerup and is a person who is always looking for knowledge about different ways of interpreting gymnastics. If you ask who "Douglas" is at school maybe some people will take the time to figure out who that person is, but if you ask who "Dodo" is, everyone will know.

With great enthusiasm, happy humor and a huge Brazilian smile on his face, Dodo is one of the teachers in the TeamGym line at the school. Always concerned with the well-being of all students and their high performance, he believes that sport does not have an end in itself, that is, it does not only have the final result as a focus, but sport brings autonomy and reflective thinking to the individual that experiences it, supporting on the human construction of that individual and his/her development as a person.

As a former artistic gymnastic athlete, Dodo is always attentive to details. Failing

to point feet in class is not an option for students, and it is also applied to a handstand. After knowing Dodo, a handstand is no longer just a handstand, it is a whole scientific theory.

Graduated in Physical Education from the University of Campinas in Brazil, he is one of the few crazy people in the world who likes to study and learn more about TeamGym and gymnastics practice from an academic perspective. Also, he really likes the idea of spreading TeamGym to other countries through knowledge and information about the modality. If you want to know more about this madness, go and talk to him!

Contact Douglas: ds(at) 

  • Bachelor in Physical Education (University of Campinas – Brazil).

  • Studies on gymnastic culture, TeamGym history and its characteristics.

  • Former artistic gymnast (10 years).

  • Former gymnastic coach at the University of Campinas (4 years).

  • International Judge in TeamGym.