Camp Information 

Information letter for CampOllerup 2020 will be sent out in June, 2020. You can find information letters for 2019 below. The program and information is almost the same, but of course the dates will be updated in the new information letter:

You can find a draft of the program here: Program (PDF)



Training and activities

Through the camp the gymnast will get a lot of gymnastics with the best instructors in Europe. There will also be a lot other fun activities. You can read about it below.

  • Technical Training: Focus on technical elements of tumbling and trampette.
  • Focus Training: Focus on the gymnasts personal goals and learning new skills.
  • Club Training: Instructors can practice with their own club.
  • Open Gym: Develop your skills - Free training with camp instructors.
  • Activities: Parkour, board diving, teambuilding, rythmical training and ect.
  • Open Workshops: Different each year. Could be archery, climbing, parkour, yoga and etc.
  • Open pool: Swimming in indoor or outdoor pool, board diving.
  • "Hygge": Cosy evenings with cake and entertainment.


When arriving at the camp the gymnasts have to register the skills they are able to do on their own. From this, training groups are made. This is done to make sure that all gymnasts get the best possible training with other gymnasts who is at the approximate same level.




You can choose between 3 different official certification courses from GymDenmark and Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI). The courses will follow established procedures involving theoretical lessons, practical spotting lessons and theoretical as well as practical tests. You will receive theoretical material before the course, which should be studied thoroughly. You can read more at

If it is your first time on a spotting course at CampOllerup we strongly recommend that you sign up for Level 1. Experience has shown us that all instructors benefit hugely from participating in Level 1, even if they have previously participated in national instructors courses. As Level 2 builds on top of the skills and theory you learn on Level 1, it is an important step in the education.

Trampette and
Tumbling - Level 1

Trampette skills:

  • Somersault
  • Somersault with twists (0,5 - 1,5)
  • Handvault / Round off vault (vaulting table)

Tumbling skills:

  • Back somersault
  • Handspring somersault
  • Somersault cartwheel
  • Round off back handspring
  • Round off back handspring somersault layout
  • Round off whipback

Trampette - Level 2

  • Somersault with twists (2 - 2,5)
  • Double somersault
  • Double somersault half out
  • Double somersault half in
  • Tzukahara (vaulting table)
  • Handspring somersault half out (vaulting table)

Tumbling - Level 2

  • Handspring somersault with twists (0,5 - 1,5)
  • Somersault handspring
  • Somersault round off back handspring
  • Round off multiple back handsprings
  • Round off whipback back handspring
  • Round off back handspring somersault with twists (0,5 - 2)
  • Round off back handspring double back



Do you wish to be close to your gymnasts during their daily practice and be inspired by some of the best coaches in Europe. Then you can choose to follow your gymnasts.