Introduction to the school

The Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup is the oldest academy of physical education in Denmark. The school was founded by the Danish educator Niels Bukh in 1920.
The school is a boarding school. Each student is part of an environment based on social responsibilities which brings along exceptional challenges and possibilities for personal development.

The fundamental objective of the academy is to educate gymnastics instructors, where philosophy of life combined with physical training leads to the development of each individuals personal competence. Since the foundation of the academy in Ollerup several other academies have been established based on the same ideology, and many of the more recent schools have strong roots back to Ollerup.

From the beginning, the academy has been nationally as well as internationally renowned; and invitations to go abroad and show the special form of gymnastics keep coming from all over the world. Therefore it is also a common trend that students from abroad choose to attend the school. Besides offering ordinary academic subjects, the academy provides its students with activities within theoretical and practical training and gymnastics.

One of the aims of the academy is that the stay, the classes, and the social environment altogether should encourage the students to take active part in the life of the local sports clubs after leaving school.

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