Information regarding COVID-19

Fridag, 22.05.2020, 13:25

This Wednesday, May 27th, Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup (The International Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup) can open again. We are very happy and look much forward to welcoming our lovely students! 
We are also pleased to be able to hold the school's courses over the summer.

We follow the guidelines from the authorities. 


Sunday, 15.03.2020, 12:35

The Danish government has decided to order schools, universities and similar institutions to close until 30th of March due to the development of the Corona virus.

Therefore, we informed our students on Thursday 12th of March to leave the Academy for that period.

We are grateful for those Danish students and their families, who invited an international student into their homes.

Exceptions were made for those international students, for which we were not able to find other suitable solutions. Those students are staying at the school, while at the same time, no one besides staff is allowed at the school. The school is providing meals for the students, and the students can shop in local stores.

We act on behalf of the information from the Danish authorities, and we will bring more information at our homepage and social medias as soon as possible.

We expect to welcome students at the school again Sunday 29th in the evening, ready for lecturing Monday morning.

We encourage everyone to support each other and follow the instructions from the authorities.  

On behalf of the Academy,

Uffe Strandby




Are you:

  • Between 18 and 30?
  • Thinking of going abroad?
  • Eager to improve your skills in English, gymnastics, dance and related subjects?
  • Interested in sports?
  • Curious about the Scandinavian model of society and way of living?
  • Looking for friends from all over the world?

The impact of sport on society is bigger than ever before. Sport and physical education can be a tool for health and education as well as social and cultural development on local, national and international levels. Sport, and especially Sport for All, play a key role in society and have the democratic characteristics an educational dimension in a holistic approach to human development. Our philosophy is based on the principles of inclusion, necessary for equality and sustainability – regardless of gender, social level, or religious and cultural background.

We want to highlight the importance of the contribution of international meetings through sport to the promotion of international solidarity and friendship among nations. Our aim is to develop fundamental social skills by combining fun, play and education through sport and recognise them as potential contributors to a world of better understanding.

INTAC puts these ideas into action, and we offer an internationally approved International Youth Leader Education in cooperation with the worldwide Sport for All organisation, International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA).

At INTAC in Ollerup we give a high priority to the international dimension, and every year we receive many international students from all over the world. We are cooperating with universities, schools, special institutions, non-governmental organisations and international voluntary sports organisations.

We have contracts with a few colleges/universities about the transfer of credits.

Students from many countries attend the course at INTAC.

In recent years we have had students from Argentina, Australia, Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Tibet, Vietnam – and many other countries.

Further information or questions about INTAC, the Academy of Physical Education at Ollerup, etc. can be sent to info(at)ollerup.dk

Price for INTAC-courses per. week: Approx. 200 Euro


INTAC folder (PDF)