Fill in and return the application form together with the registration fee. Once received, a confirmation letter will be sent to you. The application for the course is only binding when the school has received the registration fee.
Enrolment fee: 1.500 DKK (Danish kroner)

The fee covers accommodation, food and all teaching. Payment takes place three months in advance (normally per month).
1.495 DKK per week (approx. 200 Euro) *

• payment can change due to price index regulations

You can bring your own or rent from the school. If needed, the cost is 36 DKK per week

This is to cover such things as books, copies, special materials, song book. If you have any amount of your prepayment left at the end of the course, you will get it back.
Autumn 2.400 DKK
Spring 3.550 DKK

Obligatory excursions of approx. 1 week's duration take place during the autumn and spring terms. The cost is maximum:
Autumn 3.000 DKK (usually a study trip to Copenhagen)
Spring 4.500 DKK (such as skiing)

If cancellation is from the waiting list or minimum 3 months before start, the total registration fee will be paid back (minus bank charges).

Sydbank, Klosterplads 2, DK-5700 Svendborg
IBAN No.: DK7768400002040569, BIC (SWIFT) SYBKDK22

Interruption of the school stay because of expulsion or at your own request where the school cannot accept the reason for interruption will cause the following settlement of the school fee:
“A full payment of the school fee must be made from the beginning of the stay till the day of departure plus 75 percent for the succeeding 6 whole weeks. By interruption of the school stay because of illness or injury a doctor’s certificate is required.”

For further information please contact us by email or by phone.