There are many ways to take part in the International Gym Festival: 

  1. You may be one of the leaders of a team – or one of the active people of the team. We would like the framework of the expressions of movement in a show to be very broad and be inspired by your home country or by foreign countries. Each team will make a number of shows during the festival. The length of these will depend on the type of team and will last between 10-25 min.

  2. As an individual person, you can participate actively in the ”All Nations Show Team and learn an Internet-based series before going to Denmark. (The series will last 4 – 6 minutes and will be easy enough so everyone can participate). We hope that several hundreds from all over the world want to participate. 

  3. You may be a study group, which generally participates in the rally and especially in the conference and workshops.  You might go alone or form a study group together with sports teachers or politicians from your town or country.

  4. You may be a spectator who just wishes to visit Ollerup and Denmark.

You can sign up here.


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