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 Mathias Skole

Mathias Skole

In gymnastics you start on the left, and in the world of dance you start on the right… So, I start on both. Then I also avoid having to limp. ”

Mathias teaches rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Throughout his upbringing in North Jutland, he has practiced gymnastics, and he went to both North Jutland and Holstebro Rephold – before he became a coach in Holstebro. In the spring of 2013, Mathias himself went to Ollerup, before in 2014/15 he went with the World Team’s team 10 on the world tour. When he got home again, curiosity about the world of dance had arisen, and since the jumps had begun to strain his body, he threw himself with his head first into the world of dance. Here he was trained as a dancer in Belgium in 2019, and has now returned to Ollerup as a rhythm and dance teacher.

“Creativity is a bit of a buzzword – it is often seen as something that is locked into producing something given something. It is not. It’s something you can take with you in all parts of your life, it’s new perspectives on both new and familiar things. It may be more of a way of being. ”

In Mathias, rhythm and dance are naturally combined. Both sit in the body, and both flow naturally from him as he teaches both dance and rhythm, in what they have in common and what separates them. The two cultures each have their strengths – whether it is strength, technique, aesthetics, building training or the purpose of the training. It gives Mathias a great deal of knowledge about what the different cultures can do for each other and different paths towards the goal.

And it is precisely the widening of the perspective between the two branches that gives Mathias a fire in the eye. To expand the concepts and to give the opportunity to see familiar topics from new perspectives, so that one dares to throw oneself into something new. As a professional dancer and former world team gymnast, Mathias could well be an extremely ambitious type, but instead Mathias believes he has been good at diving into his passion without letting long-term plans distract too much.

The greatest intellect is probably to be able to understand a problem rather than just finding the solution. An idiot can easily find a solution, but it really takes something to understand the problem – and if you first really understand the problem, the right solution will come by itself.