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 Esben Sand Lysemose

Esben Sand Lysemose

I have actually always tried to become a more skilled teacher by putting myself in difficult situations. For example, it was not super easy to take a six-month gymnastics lesson in a tiled, heated hall in Japan… Without knowing Japanese. ”

Esben comes from the Funen association life, where he has practiced gymnastics since childhood, but especially when he went to Vejstrup, it took off. After attending Ollerup in the spring of 2010, he was in Japan as a teacher at Ollerup’s Friendship School in Tokyo and there, among ”Old Norse tools and in a foreign language, took the spark to teach seriously. However, it would take 4 years, a university education and a lot of coaching work before Esben actually discovered it. When he finished in 2021, he had 2 children and was ready for something completely new – something that involved great teaching, something on Funen and preferably some gymnastics.

“Even though you are an elite gymnast, your training must include other aspects that enable you to endure training for a long time – both physically and mentally. To maintain the joy of gymnastics on equal terms with wanting to perfect. ”

Esben has never been on the world or elite team. He has actually neither trained nor been a coach at the elite level, but he has in turn trained in some completely, completely different situations, which have given a different and nuanced insight into what creates good training. This means that Esben’s super-power is to create a space where both beginners and elite gymnasts think it’s nice to be. Where it’s fun to be with – regardless of level. And although Esben is technically and theoretically razor sharp from his sports studies, has trained gymnasts since childhood and is a sharp receiver, it is the teaching role he is best at.

It’s hard to teach a Japanese school to learn a 7 minute long club series. Yes – 7 minutes long. It is also difficult to train asylum families whose interests and attention are very, very far from gymnastics. Esben has done both. His most important task, according to himself, is to help you maintain interest, guard your motivation and ensure a safe, exciting and equal training environment, where everyone has an equal focus. And where you do not end up as a nerve wreck because of your expectations of yourself. It should probably work. It helps Esben.

“It is not always easy to find a balance between result and process. You often just want to be good, and then you train for that reason. What if you just had cool workouts? So, did you enjoy gymnastics in itself? ”