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 Erik Jakobsen

Erik Jakobsen

“If all those diagnoses had been invented when I was young, I would probably have had more of them. At least some ADHD and the loose. ”

Erik comes from West Jutland. At Esbjerg gymnasium, mother decided that he should be a music linguist, and there he met one of the teachers who can change one’s life. When it happened to be the music teacher, Erik started singing quite a lot in choir. When Erik himself finished at Ollerup in 1979, he quickly stopped doing gymnastics again, but the music, and especially the choir, still persisted. When he studied music at the University of Copenhagen as a major and sports as a minor, he ended up becoming a conductor himself, and he has been ever since. From 1991-2005, Erik taught swimming, training and running, the then “World and Me”, music, choir and singing lessons – and the start-up of INTAC. Now he is back again – this time as a second pianist and teacher of Basic Psychology.

“It has been exciting to be away, but it is really good to be back. It feels a bit like returning to my mother’s meatballs, and it’s mega fat – even though I’m the oldest. ”

Being the eldest, however, makes him no clue. On the contrary, the contact with the students keeps him mentally resilient and he enjoys seeing the world through the students’ eyes. Over time, Erik has also been praised several times for being both present and good at. He gets easily excited himself, and especially when he talks about literature, music, psychology or philosophy, Erik gets light in his eyes – and then it’s hard not to get infected by his enthusiasm.

This is also exactly what Erik perceives as a teacher’s most important task. Getting students to ”to wonder and be captivated when life comes near ”, as Halfdan Rasmussen wrote in his early days. It also means trying to put together your own worldview and being critical when trying to provide ready-made, easy answers to difficult questions. The whole thing is meant to be a little confusing. You are, says Erik, best served in the long run by being a little humble, instead of trusting that you already have all the answers. If, on the other hand, you make sure to keep your body and head flexible and in a sensible shape, then you may well end up finding the answers that are actually both right and important.

“I could not fight in primary school, and I could not figure it out with girls, but I could figure out knowing something, so it helped a lot. That habit still holds, I think. I keep at least 4 newspapers and read books diligently. ”