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 Elisabeth Snogdal Fahlgren

Elisabeth Snogdal Fahlgren

“I would like you to turn your attention a little outwards instead of examining yourself so carefully in detail… and then choose the positive so that you do nothing at the expense of the community. ”

Elisabeth grew up in Holstebro, and since she switched from free school to ordinary primary school, she has been interested in how different people learn in different ways. From the 9th grade onwards, it became a central issue in her assignments, so it was also obvious that she took a master’s degree in Educational Sciences in Copenhagen. It was not really because the teaching act itself enticed, but because learning itself was exciting. Before that, however, Elisabeth went on a trip with the World Team, a couple of positions as an after-school teacher and has, by the way, done gymnastics all her life. All in all, an absolutely obvious combination for a skilled high school teacher!

When I say curious, I mean… What makes it exciting for you? Creating understanding, asking questions – why do you mean what you do when I mean what I do? You learn a lot about yourself by looking outwards instead of just focusing on how you function ”

Elisabeth is very curious as a creature and naturally tries to understand. This applies both in gymnastics and in relation to the students, and it means that Elisabeth accumulates a great deal of broad knowledge that she can use in her teaching. With her education, she has an academic and thorough understanding of pedagogy, psychology, didactics and economics, but especially an understanding that we are each driven by very different goals – and that there is much more in life than one’s goals. Moreover, she is modest about herself, and does not talk much about the perfectly clear, dry fact; She is extremely good at gymnastics – and especially at teaching it.

Something that Elisabeth tries to work on a lot is to be authentic to those she meets – to dare to give something of herself, and she, as a high school teacher, also hopes that the students dare. Giving each other counterplay, being present and meeting each other – both teachers and students students at eye level while also giving their perspectives counterplay. It is natural to have a fairly focused performance and goal orientation, especially if you go a lot in a sport, but maybe you should replace the personal goals.

“Maybe it’s healthy to have a goal called what can make the OS better than in VI – and not just oneself. Self-interest and optimization of oneself is important, but one learns much more in the community with others and in the reflection with others. In any case, I would like to strike a blow for that ”