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 Allan Jakobsen

Allan Jakobsen

“The folk high school has an important function when it can help to ask the questions that we have to spend a lifetime answering.”

Even when Allan came to after school, he knew he wanted to deal with the big questions in life. When he later went to high school, he discovered both the love of teaching and of reflection, and after his master’s degree in religious history and philosophy, it led to a career as a study counselor. After spending a couple of years at Roskilde and Copenhagen universities, Allan became deputy headmaster at Ollerup, where he has today changed to a teacher. It suits Allan excellently, because it is precisely the contact, the conversation and the reflection in the student that is Allan’s driving force.

“The classic form of lecture is a bit one-way, but it’s OK because we take the questions and the discussion, and because you meet each other for lunch and in the evening room, so that the conversations do not stop outside the classroom.”

Allan loves the conversation. As a mentor responsible and study advisor at Ollerup, it therefore fits perfectly that Allan’s superpower is to listen. Asking the right questions, leading to reflection and not only pushing students on to education, but also to joy, meaning and hopefully a satisfying life after high school. It may sound like a big task – but here exactly the science of religion and philosophy can be of help, and Allan is an expert.

Allan’s ability for conversation and guidance stems from the desire to set greater thoughts in motion. While it may sound a bit solemn, the reflection is also a training tool and a toy when used in other contexts, and therefore you will occasionally be able to capture Allan in a philosophical, religious-scientific study of some of the driving themes in a number of fantasy universes. . Although the main characters in Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones may not be found in the general sense, there are often parts of their basic living conditions that one can easily consider. And if you think it might sound a bit dry to discuss both philosophy and fantasy, you can take it easy. It’s everything, anything but boring.

“Planting a seed and hoping it grows… That’s really what I want. That the students think: ‘I actually really got something with that – even if they only discover it 10 years later. “