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Summer and bike on  Sydfyn

Who does not love summer and sunshine? If at the same time you think that socializing, sights and daily bike excursions sounds like a good idea, you have come to the right place!
About the course

A folk high school course with nature, culture and cycling

Spend a wonderful summer week experiencing beautiful nature, movement, culture and have plenty of time for reflection and togetherness. Meet inspiring people, get wiser, hear exciting stories and experience Funen quirks from the bicycle saddle as we drive towards large and small sights in southern Funen.

The course includes:

  • Daily bike rides to cultural treasures and natural gems
  • Inspirational lectures
  • Debate and dialogue
  • Singing and storytelling
  • Swimming in pool or sea

Our base throughout the week is the beautiful old gymnastics college, where we always start and end the day together – in the morning with morning assembly and in the evening in the college’s “old living rooms” with coffee and college fun.

You must bring your own bicycle. How soft the saddle should be, whether it has a rye bread motor or there is a need for an electric auxiliary motor, you decide. The daily bike rides will vary in length (up to 50 km round trip) and run at a leisurely pace with stops along the way, so we can enjoy nature and the cultural or historical places we have to visit.

Preliminary schedule can be seen here. This is not the final program.

We point out that the course is under preparation and changes may therefore occur.

Time and price

Summer and cycling on South Funen

Course leaflet

Summer and cycling on Sydfyn (PDF)

Time: Week 33, 14 – 20 August 2022

Price: DKK 3995, – pr. person

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