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How cool could it just be to take 1 week off the schedule, where insanely sharp teachers offer fantastic rhythmic gymnastics and Ollerup’s absolutely wonderful high school life?
Rhythm Camp
Rhythm Camp
About the course

A week of rhythmic gymnastics at Ollerup

For those of you who want to dive deeper and give your development a push in the back, we offer Ollerup’s annual Rhythm Camp. Here you get the opportunity to kick off your season with a week at a high pace, where rhythm, gymnastics, energy and development are in razor-sharp focus. You will reflect, learn new things and get a small taste of Ollerup’s gymnastics everyday, when it is most delicious. At the same time, you get an intense week with a lot of impressions, teaching and training that gives you a broader and more solid foundation for the rest of your rhythm career.

In the evening, when the bodies are sore, the stomachs are full and the head is tired, we also serve summer evenings, high school fun and free play in our fantastic, South Funen surroundings.

If you think this sounds like something for you, we’re 100% sure you’re right. We usually have that wild fat.


RytmeCamp was invented to give you a week of personal, professional and gymnastic development. We cover a wide range of different rhythm genres, techniques, sequences and hand tools, so you can incorporate some new basics and routines that will sharpen you in the coming many seasons. The teaching is handled by Ollerup’s own, skilled teachers and razor-sharp guest teachers, so you are guaranteed towering energy, good entertainment and lots of development in the teaching.

Lots of energy-rich gymnastics and high school days, where there is an opportunity for personal and professional development. You will encounter different rhythm genres, techniques, sequences and hand tools.

At RytmeCampen you get 6 (?) Gymnastics and high school days, where you also get to experience high school life when you are part of a fun, active and social everyday life. Part of high school life offers a lot of singing, morning gatherings, fun, lectures and presence – and you also get that at Rytmecampen. We provide a one week of bold gymnastics every day, with fellowship, contemplation and wonder. All you have to do is bring a good mood, training clothes and swimwear to our swimming pools – if you feel like it.

Time and price


Time: Week 30, July 24 – July 30, 2022

Price: DKK 2995

You can read more and see an example of today’s content in our folder for RytmeCamp 2022 , and see an example of a program .

We look forward to it – and you can do it too!

If you have any questions or need further information about RytmeCamp, you are welcome to call or write to Tina Pedersen on tel. 63 24 64 05 or tp@ollerup.dk

Tilmeld besøgsdag

Tilmeld dig en af vores besøgsdage, og mærk hvordan din hverdag kan se ud på Ollerup. Og få stillet alle de spørgsmål, du gerne vil have svar på. 

Mød din måske kommende underviser, se dine faciliteter og oplev den helt særlige stemning på Ollerup.