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Get strong to know yourself a challenge in police

At Ollerup’s Police Line, you get the optimal starting point to apply to the police and get through the eye of the needle for the police entrance exam or for the educations as a transport or prison officer. In fact, our students have a 100% enrollment rate at the Police Academy, and those statistics are the result of the competent and specialized teaching you get at Ollerup’s Police course. You get the strongest cards in hand and invest directly in your future career.
Who chooses Ollerup's Police course?

Ollerup's Police Line is for you who are considering a career in the police

Maybe you already know that you want to apply to the police. Maybe you want to see what life in the police can offer you. Or maybe you want to upgrade your competencies so that you can be razor sharp for the written, the physical or the collaborative part of the Police Academy’s entrance exam.

You may also want to qualify as either a transport or prison officer – and we will get you ready for that as well.

At the Police Line, you will be fully aware of whether law enforcement is your future dream workplace. We have both students who are curious and students who are 100% clear about applying to the police. Whichever path you choose after a semester at Ollerup, your experience in conflict management, cooperation, analytical skills and martial arts makes you a significantly stronger candidate for a large number of educations. At the same time, you get to know yourself better, understand your behavior patterns under pressure and learn to be both human and authority – at the same time.

And yes, we know that our first name is “Gymnastikhøjskolen” – but do not be nervous. Here we focus on life as a cop, and not on making you a gymnast.

The police course calendar

You can be admitted to the team in either August or January. The police course follows a normal school semester, which typically lasts for 20-25 weeks.

See when the next team starts:

Police at Ollerup
Police student
Police student


What do you get on the Police course?

Specialized training that gives you clear benefits at the Police Academy, the training for prison and transport officers and for the entrance exams

As a student on Ollerup’s police preparation course, you get the best physical and mental preparation combined with training in excellent facilities. All your trainers have backgrounds in the police, the military or as MMA fighters. That way, you get a thorough insight into what it means to work for the police.

Of course, the teaching also takes place in collaboration with the police and the probation service itself. During your stay, we visit both a police station and the police academy, and you will gain a deeper understanding of a daily life with dealing with all kinds of people. In addition, you experience the police training up close – both as a figurant in several of the police educations, and when you several times receive training from guest teachers from the police and from the probation service. When experienced transport and prison officers talk about their work and responsibilities in everyday life, you also get a clear sense of what you should be willing to get in touch with.

Your teaching at the police course is divided into three main areas:

  • Physical exercise
  • Mental and collaborative training
  • Communication and language education

Physical exercise

You are trained in self-defense and the use of force by Martin Kampmann, an internationally acclaimed, professional MMA practitioners. In addition, strength training, running, endurance and a general physical focus takes up most of your schedule. Including how to optimize your development through diet, injury prevention and recovery.

Mental and collaborative training

Within the police, you must have a strong focus on handling conflict situations professionally. At the same time, you must be able to act calmly in high-pressure situations, be a strong cooperator and have great mental resilience. We’ll train you in all of this. This means that you get:

  • An increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  • A strengthened ability to focus
  • Competences to quickly and accurately decode changing situations

Communication and language education

Passing the entrance exam requires that you have skills in Danish language and grammar as well as case work. You train all this purposefully in Danish teaching, and we have heard from previous students that it provides an effective advantage in the reporting work both at the police academy and subsequently in the daily police work. For students aiming for the 2-year education as a transport officer or the 3-year education as a prison officer, this teaching will primarily focus on verbal and nonverbal communication, and thus less on the real Danish subject.

Your daily teaching will include:

  • Strength training
  • Circuit training
  • Use of force
  • Danish lessons
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Stress tests
  • Personal development
  • Pressure trip
Everyday life

Your day-to-day life at Ollerup

You will experience:

  • The best chances of getting into the Police Academy
  • Increased self-confidence and improved communication skills
  • Experience in martial arts and conflict management
  • Personalized training in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Highly competent teachers with extensive, relevant experience
  • The best conditions for a long career as a transport, prison or police officer

You simply get all the skills that a life with the police requires. You develop them in a vibrant, social environment, along with a lot of like-minded people, while you experience boarding school life at the world’s oldest gymnastics college. We think we have the world’s best everyday life at Ollerup, but then … You’ll have to see for yourself.

If you would like to talk to a teacher, see our folk high school or hear more – please contact us and/or visit us.

We look forward to meeting you


At Ollerup, we offer a wide range of both creative and more physical electives.

We simply call the non-sporting electives electives, and you have them two hours a week. We call the physical electives Sports, and you have them either two hours (spring) or four hours (autumn) per week.


High school subjects

Those who live together learn together!

As a folk high school student, you have some folk high school subjects that are based on the community at Ollerup.

High school subjects

Everyday life at Ollerup

As a student at Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, you largely put together your own stay. You choose about half of your weekly teaching hours yourself, so you can be sure that your stay is tailored exactly to you.

Everyday life

Tilmeld besøgsdag

Tilmeld dig en af vores besøgsdage, og mærk hvordan din hverdag kan se ud på Ollerup. Og få stillet alle de spørgsmål, du gerne vil have svar på. 

Mød din måske kommende underviser, se dine faciliteter og oplev den helt særlige stemning på Ollerup.