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Learn to take the stage lead be calm under pressure gather people be a Hubster

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you get the cool ideas, and do you have a knack for getting people on board? And who often ends up being the one responsible for success? Then there is a pretty good chance that you’re a Hubster – and then we have exactly what you’re looking for!
Ollerup Hubster
Ollerup Hubster
About the stay

Give your ideas something to grow in

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Are you one of those people who gets the cool ideas, who often ends up being the event manager and who can explain exactly why your idea is totally amazing? Then there’s a pretty good chance you’re a Hubster. Yes, it’s a funny title, but in all its simplicity it’s about being a communicator and project maker – and you can become world champion at exactly that at Ollerup.

We support you when you get new ideas, want to test our core areas, and when you explore your ideas. We foster the visionary side of you – the part that wants to be become the very best at project and event management along with entrepreneurship. We do this through a specially designed theoretical and practical course, where we focus on project management, entrepreneurship, communication and pedagogy. Our core competence is movement, volunteering, international relations and pedagogical development – and that’s a fairly broad basis for exciting development when you and your passionate fellow students start as Hubsters.

The Hubster House

We help you start your own projects within tje framework we offer at our school – and that’s actually not bad at all. For this purpose, we provide the best possible facilities. Our former Højskolehjem, a building full of charm and history, has become the framework for your new project and entrepreneurial environment. A newly renovated building with a considerable number of years behind it, and where thoughts have grown freely for many generations. Here you’ll receive education, develop thoughts and ideas, and have an exciting everyday life in an environment that is specially designed to inspire collaboration, curiosity and creativity.

As a Hubster, you can expect a varied everyday life with project making, entrepreneurship, communication, project management, innovation and pedagogy at the center. You will receive daily qualified teaching, which is often divided into 90 minutes of work on independent projects and 90 minutes with assignments associated with your course / study group. If you would like to know more about what a Hubster project can look like, look at the bottom of the page – here we’ve collected a few videos about one of our previous projects: GoNorth. It was arranged in collaboration with DGI Nordjylland in 2014 and 2015 and was one of the hundreds of ideas we process each year.

Hubster at Ollerup
Hubster student
Hubster student


Who takes on the stay

We slap rockets on the back of driven people

And show the way to all those who have it in them, but have yet to get moving. For many of our Hubster students, it’s about wanting to make a difference, processing the ideas that are burning in the back of their minds, or wanting to learn how to move their idea out of their head and into the world. That’s what we do, and that’s what we can help you with. And if you know just one entrepreneur, then you know the energy you get from developing something new. Imagine being part of a team filled with those kinds of types. We promise you – it’s magical!

However, it is important to say that you do not have to be exploding with ideas, go 120 miles an hour before your morning coffee or to be on some big life mission. It’s enough ‘just’ to be curious. We help take your unstructured thoughts and create a framework around them, so no matter how far you are in your deliberations, you are guaranteed to feel at home in our concept-developing, frontier-testing idea factory. At the same time, you get Ollerup’s incomparable high school life – with everything that entails. And that’s not something to be taken lightly either.

Your dividend

What do you get as an OllerupHubster?

You will experience many things as a Hubster, but can certainly expect:

  • Minimum 2 x 90 minutes daily classes
  • Perfect conditions for developing ideas, concepts and plans
  • A close-knit network of like-minded idea makers
  • A folk high school stay you will never forget
  • The world’s coolest daily life – with fast-paced sports, social life and events

Being a Hubster is not a parallel course to an Ollerup stay. It IS Ollerup – pure and simple. After possibly the world’s best high school stay, you will receive a certificate with teaching content, job description, competence description and assessment of independent projects. You get a bunch of concrete development experience, which both adorns your resume and shows your experience when it’s time to show the world your ideas – or help others develop theirs.

As a Hubster, the application process is also a little bit different – but don’t be put off by that. You can read more about the financial conditions here – and you can apply for admission by answering these questions and sending the answers to mh@ollerup.dk

And if you’re still reading, thinking this sounds amazing – just send that application in a hurry 🔥


At Ollerup, we offer a wide range of both creative and more physical electives.

We simply call the non-sporting electives electives, and you have them two hours a week. We call the physical electives Sports, and you have them either two hours (spring) or four hours (autumn) per week.


High school subjects

Those who live together learn together!

As a folk high school student, you have some folk high school subjects that are based on the community at Ollerup.

High school subjects

Everyday life at Ollerup

As a student at Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, you largely put together your own stay. You choose about half of your weekly teaching hours yourself, so you can be sure that your stay is tailored exactly to you.

Everyday life

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Mød din måske kommende underviser, se dine faciliteter og oplev den helt særlige stemning på Ollerup. 

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