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Family college

A week of fun, activities, with the very special atmosphere you can only get at a folk high school, and most importantly, with the family in the center. Welcome to Family College – You will love it.
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About the course

A week's vacation you will never forget

Family College is the educational, active family vacation that both you and your children will remember forever. During this week you will try out activities and solve challenges together and separately. Both parents and children come home with new experiences and impressions in their luggage – and something to tell about when everyday life reappears.

We organize our popular family college after creating good family experiences, where everyone gets the opportunity to learn, develop and reflect, and where togetherness is at the absolute center. Our wonderful folk high school hosts a week where the children have an educational holiday and spend a lot of energy in our fantastic facilities, while the adults get the opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the physical and theoretical topics that put everyday life in perspective.

All of these activities and exercises take place in the fantastic setting of high school life – including morning gatherings, community singing, evening activities, and much, much more. In addition, (almost) all of Ollerup Idrætshøjskole’s facilities are available, so that even the most curious and creative children and adults have their appetite satisfied.

More about the course

Practical information

Course leaflet

Week 27 (PDF)

Week 28, 29, 30 (PDF)

Week 42 (PDF)

You can also get to the registration without having to stop by here again: https://tilmelding.ollerup.dk

REMEMBER full names and CPR numbers of all participants. Upon registration, you pay the total price of the course.

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Children’s activities

Here is full speed ahead!

We have to play, play, jump, swim, be outdoors and indoors and have a great time all over Ollerup. We gather a lot of children and young people of the same age, associate a fixed team of sweet and sharp teachers and make sure that it becomes the highlight of the summer holidays. We promise that there will be cool things to tell your classmates when the holidays end – Ama’r beheading!

Have you seen our wild facilities ? We must have the mega fat in them!

Adult activities

While the younger ones burn off energy, the adults have a free choice between a number of gymnastic and sporting offers. You can be challenged in indoor, outdoor and water activities, all of which are organized so that you can participate, even if you are not necessarily an elite athlete or experienced in any way.

We will find the right level of challenges for you, no matter where it may be.

There will also be the opportunity to participate in lectures and debate subjects on current topics and some of the big and small real-life issues that you do not often think about – and very rarely talked about.

Practical information

Ollerup Gymnastikhøjskole has an arena, gymnasium, a large jumping center, drama and dance halls, sports hall, beach volleyball courts, outdoor ball courts, parkour hall, indoor as well as outdoor swimming pool, cozy living rooms and some huge, green areas. Over the last century, our folk high school has developed with community, gymnastics, young people and their interests at the center. This means that we can send everyone – regardless of age group – tired and happy to bed at night.


Week 27 / week 42 (five days)

Kr. 2,295.00 Children, 4-12 years (at the start of the course)

Kr. 4,295.00 Adult, from 13 years (at course start)

Other weeks (seven days)

Kr. 2,995.00 Children, 4-12 years (at the start of the course)

Kr. 4,995.00 Adult, from 13 years (at course start)

Waiting list

If the course is sold out, it is possible to get on the waiting list. Write to info@ollerup.dk


The school’s teachers and students work together on teaching and activities, so that children and adults get the best possible experience throughout the week. Our young teachers have either long coaching or pedagogical experience, and naturally and quickly create security and confidence for the younger students, while the college’s own teachers handle the adults’ activities. In this way, all students get an age-appropriate teacher who is fully able to create exactly the reflections, activities and experiences that our family college aims for.

Every year we look forward to holding family courses, and fortunately our students agree. Therefore, we experience a very high demand for the courses, which are often sold out long before the course starts. It is therefore a good idea to be in good time if you want to give your family an experience beyond the usual.

Should you have any questions about accommodation, accommodation or content, or have something else on your mind, you are welcome to call or write to Tina Pedersen on tel. 63 24 6405 or tp@ollerup.dk

Tilmeld besøgsdag

Tilmeld dig en af vores besøgsdage, og mærk hvordan din hverdag kan se ud på Ollerup. Og få stillet alle de spørgsmål, du gerne vil have svar på. 

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