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 Turid Guldin

Turid Guldin

“Music should not be cultivated in a culture of perfection, but rather a culture of error. It is the intention that you should dare to jump into something, knowing that it will not be perfect. ”

Turid was born and raised in Nordborg on Als. Neither her father, who is an electrician, nor her mother, who is a nurse, are distinctly high school people, musicians, or gymnasts. Turid is not a gymnast either, but on the other hand she has lived in Aarhus for many years, where she also studied at the music conservatory before living, playing and writing music in Berlin for a year and a half. After some years of solo teaching on the piano, she missed colleagues, and therefore Turid has fortunately found her way to South Funen.

“It’s cross-border to play for others, because everyone has an opinion about music – and it’s an applied art, which can create some fear of touch. But it is much more important to do something than it is to be perfect. That’s not what life is about – there is no ‘goal’ or ‘product’ – that is the process and it is quite important. “

What particularly makes Turid extremely suitable for teaching her music subjects is her presence and sincerity. As a conservatory graduate, Turid has control over every conceivable instrument, and masters the craft of music – but that, according to Turid, is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the communication, the enthusiasm and being able to make the subject exciting. Therefore, Turid’s teaching is not completely traditional either – the goal is to set fire to an interest, instead of ‘just’ memorizing an interplay song. The goal is for you to come from here with the desire and prerequisites to continue working with music – not that you have learned Wonderwall by heart.

Simultaneously with Turid’s mission to remove focus from rote learning, she focuses a lot on being able to enjoy being in the process. To be able to accept that you have started on something new, and keep practicing, even if it does not sound as you had hoped. It is important that you allow yourself to make an effort, even if you are actually pretty bad at something. This is how you get better.

“It’s about getting started. That’s my goal. To provide good tools so you can get started and stay going. Music is pretty great if you are OK with it not being perfect from the start ”

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