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 Marie Guldager Nielsen

Marie Guldager Nielsen

“I have to have some world in me in order to be present and to be able to be present. I do not think I can be here if I am not allowed to come out. ”

Marie is not like the others. She grew up in South Zealand, has lived in Copenhagen, and still feels like a Copenhagener, even though today she lives in an allotment garden house in Svendborg with her husband. Marie has studied pedagogy and educational studies and international development studies at Roskilde University, so she is especially nerdy about learning and didactics. Then Marie spent the last few years at The Free Teacher Training School. Marie was 32 when she was educated, and Ollerup is her first teaching job – because she liiiiige had to see the world first. And she still does.

“I had no idea about gymnastics when I started here. I got my share of volunteer life by traveling, doing workshops and volunteering elsewhere – including in Africa. ”

Marie takes pride in not following norms. Instead of the classic dream of a villa, a Volvo and everything that goes with it, she travels the world and is often on leave when a new corner of the world has to be mapped. Maybe that’s what makes Marie good at other things than most. For example, Marie loves to talk about taboos, both because she believes we need guilt and shame for life, and because you become more honest when you finally get started. You get to understand each other – like that right .

Marie teaches primarily on the international line, and in addition to having complete control of international affairs, Marie also likes electives, where the conversation is central – because getting a little under the skin of each other is healthy. This is also reflected in both her experiences as a volunteer, where she traveled with International Cooperation, and in the unconventional destinations she has both visited and would highly recommend:

“No. 1 is Iran – people are insanely cute and they really want to give you a good experience. And then it’s an insanely beautiful country.

Nr. 2 – To volunteer somewhere – travel to help. It helps to get under the skin of a country, people, community, and it really is the wildest thing.

Nr. 3 – Berlin – There are fairy tales around every corner if you are open to it. All its parks, multicultures, all the subcultures – it’s a wild, vibrant, vibrant, exciting city. ”

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