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 Kirstine Mielcke Grønbæk

Kirstine Mielcke Grønbæk

“When you go to Ollerup, you can not see that you become more skilled. Maybe something happens to the dialect, you meet new people, and you grow with it. It’s not optimization, but it… maybe you just set a healthy course for yourself ”

Kirstine is the youngest of 4 siblings, and 15 years younger than the oldest in the sibling group. Maybe because her family moved between Holstebro, Århus and even a couple of years in Greenland, Kirstine has learned from the very beginning to be social – a real family person. In addition to having trained in sports acrobatics, gymnastics, having spent 3 years at the Royal Theater Ballet School and traveling with the World Team, Kirstine read history in Aarhus. She loves stories. Preserved, the years were not so cool, but the big connections, which you can usually only see afterwards, were fascinating.

“I did a lot of ballet, and you were always asked what to do ‘afterwards’, because you retire at the age of 35, approx. I always answered something with gymnastics, and then my father said I should go to Ollerup. My grandmother went there in 1942, and that was where ‘you made good gymnasts’, and then I started otherwise. I knew nothing about the place ”

Kirstine never dreamed of becoming a teacher until she discovered she was. As a 12-year-old, she started as an instructor, and she has always enjoyed ” giving people small insights “. And although she herself enjoys seeing the big contexts, she is adept at spotting the small ones – especially by her students. This means that Kirstine can make the students not go the straight path, because it rarely makes them wiser. This applies both in motion and in a general formation perspective.

The encounter with the new and foreign is important for Kirstine – and especially for her students, who want to experience that you are not so different anyway. At the folk high school, you live in a community that is not paused when the school day ends, and the socially intense everyday life makes you both honest and better. As the shoulders drop and you discover that it is not necessary to constantly perform, you create space to be the whole, amazing person you really are.

There is such a quote I love: ‘Happiness is so amazing, it does not matter whose it is’. You really have to go out and share yourself, it creates so much joy! You are such an insanely fat and delicious human being, and if you just keep to yourself, the world will miss you. ”

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