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 Andreas Brink

Andreas Brink

“At a folk high school, it is possible to be 100%, undiluted oneself. In a teaching situation, it really helps a lot – both as a teacher and as a student ”

Andreas comes from a small village near Vejle called Bredsten. Both parents were teachers at Balle Continuation School, and he was therefore sure that he NEVER should be a teacher. At Ollerup, he therefore prepared for a working life in the police, but subsequently signed up for the teachers’ seminar in Copenhagen. Since then, Andreas has worked with vulnerable young people, been an after-school teacher, trained competitive swimming, worked with personalities, social psychology and cast his love on photography.

“There are many who come from either a culture of perfection or vulnerable homes. In both cases, you have to consider the values you actually have, the consequences of your choice. It definitely helps to feel seen and heard. That is a teacher’s most important task, I think. ”

Andreas is famous and infamous for his utterly legendary father-jokes, and can beat even the coolest high school student in a joke battle. Through his previous work, Andreas has developed an extraordinary understanding of the students’ various challenges, and is hugely aware that these challenges should not sabotage their stay. That each student feels seen, heard and included.

Svømning is, according to Andreas, piss fun at Ollerup. He does his best to contribute to this, but also emphasizes that it does not have to be fun ‘just’ to be fun. It must contribute, it must be a positive experience and you must leave the swimming pool with a good feeling in your stomach, regardless of whether you are a competitive swimmer or suffer from fear of water. The same mentality applies in the media elective, where his students both nerd ISO, aperture and shutter speed, but also to a large extent are allowed to play and learn.

“It must not become elitist, and even though we go to the steel during training, gain technical competence and work focused, it is essential that you are in a comfortable environment – and it is the coach’s task to ensure.”


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