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 Alexis Rogoski

Alexis Rogoski

“I love that thing, but everytime I explain [beer bread with cream] I have to explain the process of the food – not the name. Danish is weird. ”

Alexis comes from Buenos Aires, and has gone to Ollerup for 3 semesters before his internship. As an Argentinian, he thought Denmark was a truly exotic country, and fortunately he still thinks so. Although he’d had nothing to do with gymnastics before moving across the Atlantic, Alexis grew up in a movement and art culture. With a father who danced ballet at a high level and a mother who was conductor of an orchestra, he has always had the stage, the music and the show up close – even though as a child he thought that kind of thing was boring.

“My first semester was Health & Fitness. That was really good, and I even got the certificate, which is great. My second semester was Powertumbling – I sucked at it, but I really liked it. My whole family was dancers, so I chose rhythmic gymnastics for the 3rd semester. As an Argentinian, it’s very foreign, but I really like the aesthetic – it’s so beautiful and artistic. In Argentina they twerk right now, because dancing is a sexual thing, and that’s a shame … I really don’t like that. ”

Alexis remembers having teachers who almost considered the students no more than names on a list. He himself tried to be personal and committed, but didn’t feel that this energy was at all reciprocated by the teacher. As a result, he is now very aware of being present, personal and being as honest as at all possible – especially when the students’ needs are a little bigger than usual. At the same time, he is very concerned with being honest about all the mistakes we all carry with us. There is, he says, nothing wrong with not being perfect – on the contrary.

As an Argentinian, Alexis is very aware of the great potential of the Danish folk high school culture in other parts of the world. Although the principles, according to his own statement, don’t work in the same way in his home country, he is determined to make them work. To treat everyone differently but as equals, to be personal and to bring small sacrifices to the community whenever possible. Teachers can, he says, force an idea into the minds of students that don’t really help anyone. But if a good teacher gets involved, always starts from a positive spot, if you treat the teaching profession properly… Then you can make the world better.

“We always talk about things we did well, and to be honest I’ve fucked up so many times. I’m not the greatest guy 24/7, and I want people to know that. Share things, so people know that they are not wrong for struggling. ”

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