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Meet the employees at Ollerup

We are together hilarious your personal cheerleaders 150 pairs of flip flops in the dining room a community the first of our kind just like you Ollerup

It takes a big family to keep our high school running. Here you will find those who teach in everyday life, who take the phone, who mow the grass, cook your food and take care of everything that needs to be taken care of.

Everyone is needed – no one can be dispensed with.


All of Ollerup's faces

Here you will find the dedicated team of teachers, who give you training, food for thought and take you with you when we try something new together. Some teach singing, swimming or jumping, others teach philosophy, board games or old crafts – and all teach at Ollerup.

Further down, you will find all of us who do not teach, but who make sure that the best everyday life in the world can continue. Whether they are in the kitchen, mowing hedges, coordinating, or fitting one of the hundreds of other tasks an old, young high school requires, all are equally necessary.

We are each other’s prerequisite for success.



  • Glennie L. Hansen
    Glennie Hansen
    Ollerup Shoppen
  • Hanne Vangsgaard
    Hanne Vangsgaard
  • Henrik Wulff Riedl
    Henrik Wulff Riedl
    Chief Accountant
  • Jacob Gliese Juhl
    Jacob Gliese Juhl
  • placeholder
    Jan Ove Hansen
    Ollerup Shoppen
  • Mette Sunesen
    Mette Sunesen
    Service coordinator
  • Tina Pedersen
    Tina Pedersen
    Service coordinator
  • Vibeke Henriksen
    Vibeke Henriksen

Practical department

  • placeholder
    Alexander Mathias Buch
  • Kjeld Larsen
    Kjeld Larsen
  • Łukasz Głowacki
    Łukasz Głowacki
  • Michael Overgaard Larsen
    Michael Overgaard Larsen
  • Morten Littau-Jensen
    Morten Littau-Jensen
    Head of practical dept.
  • Sebastian Bastrup
    Sebastian Bastrup
  • Tias Møller


  • Jessica Fejerskov
    Jessica Fejerskov
  • Le Thi Kim
  • Lisbeth Wiingren Pilegaard
    Lisbeth Wiingren Pilegaard
  • Lone Poulsen
    Lone Poulsen
  • Lotte Strandly Hansen
    Lotte Strandly Hansen
  • Malene Holm Molander
    Malene Holm Molander
  • placeholder
    Ruth Jensen
  • Thea Frederikke Nielsen
    Thea Frederikke Nielsen
  • Thomas Jørgensen
    Thomas Jørgensen
    Kitchen manager

IT department

  • Karsten Knudsen
    Karsten Knudsen


  • Linda Bretved
    Linda Bretved
  • Martin Schøn
    Martin Schøn
  • Nhien Nguyen
    Nhien Nguyen
  • Paulina Glowacka
    Paulina Glowacka
  • Sonja Bechsgaard
    Sonja Bechsgaard
    Cleaning manager
  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen

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